The evolution of

in-car displays

Hosted by Bryce Johnstone

Webinar Details:

8 March, 2018

60 minutes


This webinar takes a look at the rapid changes to the vehicle cockpit and HMI (Human Machine Interface), driven by the move to assisted and autonomous driving. We will be looking at what is required of GPUs in vehicles, and how the rise of the digital dashboard, and an increase in the resolution and number of screens required, is driving the need for more powerful and capable GPUs. We will introduce the latest in the PowerVR line of GPUs based on the Furian architecture – the four-cluster PowerVR Series8XT GT8540. 

What you will learn

  • What is driving the high-end market in infotainment and dashboard cluster
  • How the Series8XT improves over previous generations of PowerVR GPUs
    • New features introduced since the previous-gen Rogue architecture devices
    • Its architectural detail
    • The impact of those changes
  • How we address the graphical needs of next-generation automotive HMI/cluster/infotainment
  • The capabilities unlocked by our hardware virtualization solution