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Lead the smartphone revolution

Every year, over two billion mobile phones are shipped. Smartphones are market leaders, having evolved into massively powerful portable productivity and communication tools.

Imagination AI will enable you to create world-class mobile products that will help your product stand out in these highly competitive markets. Tablets continue to be a strong and vibrant market, offering a large-screen experience in and out of the home that, for many, makes the laptop obsolete.

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The smartphone just got smarter

AI is the new frontier for mobile technology, with devices that can learn and adapt to users and their surroundings. Simply put, the smartphone is about to get smarter. Our PowerVR neural network and vision technologies deliver compute performance previously unattainable in smartphone SoCs for this new wave of devices.

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Redefine mobile possibilities

Back in 2007, when the iPhone fundamentally reconceived what a mobile phone should be, our mobile graphics technology underpinned the success of iconic products such as the Nokia N95 and seeded the step-change in the smartphone market. When the first tablet was released, PowerVR technology provided the premium experience that users expected.

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Our mobile ecosystem

Learn more about our mobile ecosystem and how we work with our ever-growing list of partners.

Our ecosystem enables our family of developers, customers, and partners to create truly world-beating products by providing education on our unique, power-efficient PowerVR technology architecture, superior analysis tools, comprehensive SDKs, and extensive support.

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