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Imagination’s PowerVR GPU is the original tile-based deferred rending architecture, designed to deliver the ultimate in performance density and power efficiency. Our GPU technology paved the way for the smartphone-based mobile gaming revolution. Today, backed by our thriving ecosystem, over 35% of smartphones feature PowerVR, which continues to deliver everything our customers need as we push the boundaries for graphics and compute.

At the heart of every SoC

As the original creators of high-efficiency, low-power graphics technology we have over 25 years of mobile knowledge to help you create the perfect product.
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Our GPUs deliver smooth, fluid performance for 3D gaming, complex UIs and next-gen machine learning-based applications.
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Based on our unique, patented, tile-based deferred rendering architecture, power efficiency is a fundamental attribute of our GPU designs.
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Ray tracing

Ray tracing continues to disrupt the graphics market by bringing natural-looking lighting and shadows to 3D scenes. Our unique approach is recognised as the most power efficient in the market.

Discover IMG DXT

IMG DXT is Imagination’s groundbreaking ray-tracing GPU that scales to unlock cutting-edge graphics for all mobile device users. Delivering even greater performance levels and power efficiency, it brings affordable and usable ray tracing into the mainstream.
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Helping you with your mobile challenges

Maintaining differentiation

Today’s consumers enjoy a wide range of mobile devices to choose from. This means that now more than ever, brands must work hard to stand out from the crowd. Our relentless focus on innovation, such as the scalable design of IMG DXT which unlocks ray tracing for all mobile gamers, ensures you will gain a key differentiator for your mobile device, whether it’s aimed at the premium or mainstream markets.
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Mobile gaming

Power efficiency at all levels

Gamers today demand an immersive, console-quality experience from their mobile devices, but will not tolerate them running out of power too quickly. Therefore, handset manufacturers need technology that will provide a rich user experience while maintaining battery longevity – and PowerVR GPUs are the answer.
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Advanced software support

Imagination offers optimal performance for its GPU products with its award-winning PowerVR SDK and developer tools.

Our PowerVR SDK offers unique optimisation for the development process, allowing programmers to get more performance out of their applications, and lower power usage for mobile, on a platform that offers reliability and consistency.

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Our mobile ecosystem

Learn more about our mobile ecosystem and how we work with our ever-growing list of partners.

Our expanding ecosystem enables our family of developers, customers, and partners to create truly world-beating products by providing education on our unique, power-efficient PowerVR technology architecture, superior analysis tools, comprehensive SDKs, and extensive support.