Ultra-small, high performance, secure, and AI ready application processor

Peak performance at minimum silicon cost

A breakthrough in secure and high-performance application processors. Engineered to excel in cost-sensitive consumer and industrial devices, APXM-6200 provides market leading performance with a minimal silicon footprint.

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Created for intelligent consumer and industrial applications

APXM-6200 is a 64-bit, in-order application processor with an 11-stage, dual-issue pipeline that offers exceptional performance density, seamless security and easy integration into your next project.

Why choose the Imagination APXM-6200?

GPU integration

Discover a seamless blend of power by integrating our RISC-V CPU with our Imagination GPU—a fully compatible RISC-V GPU IP. Explore combined IP packages to effortlessly enhance your experience. We have fully optimised the integration of these compatible IPs, ensuring a smooth and high-performance partnership for your projects and goals.

Security at the forefront

Imagination APXM-6200 has an advanced multi-domain isolation solution meticulously designed for secure CPUs. With seamless integration into industry standard security systems, and multi-supplier SoCs, APXM-6200 ensures uncompromised security from secure boot to data management at different security levels.

Ecosystem ready

With a focus on ecosystem readiness, Imagination’s software development alongside the APXM-6200 hardware IP guarantees reliable performance across all applications. The software stacks for each of the APXM-6200 target applications are undergoing rigorous development to provide performance right through to the end user, ensuring it's ready for whatever your CPU needs may be.

Imagination APXM-6200 applications

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Smart home

Whether it’s for Smart TVs and Set Top Boxes, or for the wider Smart Home device, the Linux and Android ready APXM-6200 delivers the highest performance density whilst providing vector capability ready to support the sector’s growing AI compute demands with functions such as wake word, object detection, and far-field voice processing.
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From Industrial IoT through to logic and network controllers, the APXM-6200 provides both the security and functionality needs for Industrial market solutions whilst delivering the performance to support industry Augmented and Virtual Reality technology.
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Alongside Android Wearable and Linux support, the APXM-6200 brings the combination of performance density at low power coupled with the AI capability needed for the wearable market. With the APXM-6200 security solution and options to couple with Imagination GPUs, APXM-6200 is the ideal application CPU to support the wearable market.
APXM-6200 use cases

Imagination’s new Catapult CPU is driving RISC-V device adoption

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“The number of RISC-V based devices is skyrocketing with over 16Bn units forecast by 2030, and the consumer market is behind much of this growth…. One fifth of all consumer devices will have a RISC-V based CPU by the end of this decade. Imagination is set to be a force in RISC-V with a strategy that prioritises quality and ease of adoption. Products like APXM-6200 are exactly what will help RISC-V achieve the promised success.”

Rich Wawrzyniak

Principal Analyst at SHD Group

Performance dense

APXM-6200 offers best-in-class performance density for its target consumer and industrial workloads, delivering a 2.5x improvement over industry leading cores. APXM-6200 has not only been developed as an outstanding standalone performance dense core but optimised to ensure peak combined performance when coupled with Imagination GPUs. Leveraging Imagination’s deep design experience in GPU IP, it offers a 2x increase in bus utilisation, and a 2x reduction in memory traffic.

Accelerating AI compute

With RISC-V Vector Extensions, features for fast data coupling with AI accelerators, and improved AI workload performance when operating alongside Imagination GPUs, APXM-6200 is ready to support the growing demand for AI compute. Imagination have developed a wide set of libraries that maximise algorithm performance and ensure an optimum throughput of AI workloads on the APXM-6200. Whether it’s AI-based voice, image, or audio processing, this CPU is designed to meet the evolving demands of artificial intelligence.

Experts in security

Leveraging ratified RISC-V extensions and close collaboration with RISC-V International, Imagination is influencing the adoption of standardized methods, marking a new era in secure computing. Security has been at the forefront of the APXM-6200’s development, designed from conception to work within industry standard security systems. The APXM-6200 leverages RISC-V Supervisor Domains Access Protection to provide a complete security solution from secure boot to trusted execution.

Comprehensive CPU support

Catapult SDK delivers a complete solution for the APXM-6200 including FreeRTOS support and a reference secure boot monitor. It is fully compatible with industry-standard tools like GCC, LLVM compilers, and GDB debugger. Catapult Studio, the IDE, brings an enhanced user experience based on VS code. It is compatible with gem5 and is available for Windows, Ubuntu, CentOS and MacOS.
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