Press Release | November 12, 2020

Imagination launches multi-core IMG Series4

The edge platform of choice for assisted driving and full self-driving cars.


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Why you really should be using mipmapping in your graphics applications

In a nutshell, for almost all graphics applications, mipmapping is incredibly useful as it increases cache efficiency and reduces bandwidth usage, all for only a modest increase in texture file size.

Press Releases

Press Release | November 12, 2010

Imagination launches multi-core IMG Series4

The ultimate AI accelerator delivering industry-disruptive performance for ADAS and autonomous driving.

Offering the most responsive and power efficient neural network acceleration for next-generation automotive use cases.

  • Imagination’s Series3NX neural network accelerator helps UNISOC to create 5G smartphone platform

    London, UK and Shanghai, China; 20th December 2021 – Imagination Technologies announces that UNISOC, a leading fabless semiconductor company, has used Imagination’s Series3NX neural network accelerator (NNA) IP in its Tanggula T770 and T760 system-on-chips (SoCs), its new smartphone 5G platforms. Series3NX enables Tanggula T770 and T760 to achieve industry-leading AI capabilities with its outstanding … Read more

  • Imagination appoints Carol Chesney to board as non-executive director

    London, UK – 20 December 2021 – Imagination Technologies announces the appointment of Carol Chesney to the Company’s board as a non-executive director and Chair of the Audit and Risk Committee. Chesney has more than 35 years of experience in complex finance, audit and company secretary roles and has served on the boards of four listed companies, including … Read more

  • Imagination launches RISC-V CPU family

    London, England –6th December 2021 – Imagination Technologies announces Catapult, a RISC-V CPU product line designed from the ground-up for next-generation heterogeneous compute needs. Based on RISC-V, the open-source CPU architecture, which is transforming processor design, Imagination’s Catapult CPUs can be configured for performance, efficiency, or balanced profiles, making them suitable for a wide range … Read more

  • Imagination announces GPU licensing deal with YADRO

    London, England –6th December 2021 – Imagination Technologies announces that its ultra-efficient BXM-4-64 GPU has been licensed by YADRO Microprocessors, a fabless IC design house, subsidiary of YADRO, a leader in enterprise server and storage solutions in the Russian market. The processor will be implemented in YADRO Microprocessors’ EL Construct T RISC-V based System-on-Chip (SoC), … Read more

  • Imagination B-Series GPU IP selected for Innosilicon graphics card

    London, England – 3rd December 2021 – Imagination Technologies reports that Innosilicon is using Imagination’s B-Series GPU technology in its latest PCI-E form-factor graphics card, Fantasy One. Fantasy One integrates IMG BXT multi-core GPU architecture into a highly innovative SoC chiplet architecture and will be used for both desktop and cloud applications. James Liu, Vice … Read more

  • Imagination and Mobica partner to create virtualized automotive environment

    London, England; 9th November 2021 –Imagination Technologies announces a new demonstration and partnership with Mobica, providing automotive customers with a working example of Imagination’s HyperLane technology and Mobica’s application and design expertise to enhance automotive display performance and safety. The companies are developing further demos and real-world content to be licensed by customers for a … Read more