Press Release | November 12, 2020

Imagination launches multi-core IMG Series4

The edge platform of choice for assisted driving and full self-driving cars.


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Why you really should be using mipmapping in your graphics applications

In a nutshell, for almost all graphics applications, mipmapping is incredibly useful as it increases cache efficiency and reduces bandwidth usage, all for only a modest increase in texture file size.
Sleepout 2021

Why we’re taking corporate social responsibility seriously at Imagination

There’s been a focus recently in the media on the importance of corporate social responsibility (CSR) – but what is CSR and why is it important? CSR refers to a company’s desire to support charitable causes and do good within its local area and the wider community. It’s easy to be cynical, but for many of us at Imagination, we were keen to ensure that these activities were not just a tick-box exercise, carried out just as a regulatory requirement.

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Brain neural

Learning from the best: How nature can inspire AI research

Artificial neural networks (ANNs) make up a significant portion of machine learning and deep learning, ranging from simple, early networks consisting of only a handful of neurons, to more recent networks with hundreds of billions of parameters (e.g., GPT-3). Despite the clear success of ANNs, there is clearly much that we can still learn from biological systems, which have evolved an amazing variety of solutions to solve the same challenges that AI engineers face.

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Imagination’s neural network accelerator and Visidon’s denoising algorithm prove to be perfect partners

This blog post is a result of a collaboration between Visidon, headquartered in Finland and Imagination, based in the UK. Visidon is recognised as an expert in algorithms for camera image enhancement and analysis and Imagination has a series of world-beating neural network accelerators (NNA) with performance up to 100 TOPS per second per core. The problem tackled in this blog post is denoising images from conventional colour cameras. The solution is in two parts: 1. Algorithms that remove the noise without damaging image detail. 2. A high-performance convolution engine capable of running a trained neural network that takes a colour image as input and outputs a denoised colour image.

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Press Releases

Press Release | November 12, 2010

Imagination launches multi-core IMG Series4

The ultimate AI accelerator delivering industry-disruptive performance for ADAS and autonomous driving.

Offering the most responsive and power efficient neural network acceleration for next-generation automotive use cases.

  • Imagination and Mobica partner to create virtualized automotive environment

    London, England; 9th November 2021 –Imagination Technologies announces a new demonstration and partnership with Mobica, providing automotive customers with a working example of Imagination’s HyperLane technology and Mobica’s application and design expertise to enhance automotive display performance and safety. The companies are developing further demos and real-world content to be licensed by customers for a … Read more

  • Imagination launches the most advanced ray tracing GPU

    London, England – 4th November 2021 – Imagination Technologies announces IMG CXT, its flagship GPU IP which debuts its PowerVR Photon ray tracing architecture. By adding Photon hardware ray tracing, the IMG CXT represents another big jump in GPU IP, delivering incredible performance for games and other graphical use cases. Photon, the industry’s most advanced … Read more

  • Imagination announces charity partnership with DENS

    London, England – 1st October 2021 – Imagination Technologies  is proud to announce its partnership with DENS, a charity that helps rebuild the lives of vulnerable people in Dacorum. Imagination is a business partner of the charity and is sponsoring its 2021 Sponsored Sleepout, the charity’s flagship event, which raises vital funds while enabling supporters … Read more

  • Imagination and Tencent WeTest carry out in-depth cooperation to help developers obtain key report on GPU

    London, England and Shenzhen, China; 27th September 2021 – Imagination Technologies announces an in-depth cooperation with WeTest, Tencent’s quality service brand, adding more than 80 GPU Counters for all platforms (Android/iOS) and architectures in the new version 6.0 of WeTest’s PerfDog tool, to help developers obtain detailed report on key data of PowerVR GPU. The … Read more

  • Semiconductors: a strategic industry ripe for UK leadership

    London, England; 7th September 2021 – Imagination Technologies today published its innovation manifesto, titled “The UK’s Innovation Future”. At a critical juncture in the UK’s recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic, the manifesto reinforces Imagination’s commitment to innovation and underscores the strategic importance of semiconductors to the UK’s future competitiveness and prosperity. It sets out a series … Read more

  • Imagination, update on 2021 progress

    London, UK; 24 August 2021 – Imagination Technologies today announces initial unaudited results for the first half of 2021 (H1/2021), where overall revenues increased by 55% to $76m (H1/2020: $49m). Based on strong first half bookings and revenues, together with a robust pipeline of sales opportunities, the Company now expects full-year revenues to grow by around 25% relative to 2020. It expects … Read more