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Consumer electronics continue to evolve

This market encompasses a wide range of products and technology found in our homes, including digital TVs, set-top boxes, and streaming media, as well as an increasing number of smart home appliances.

Digital television

Today, TV is defined less by traditional broadcast services and more by its ability to deliver a wide range of popular video applications, all of which are natively supported by the TV itself. The user experience is critical to brand loyalty and must be fast, responsive, and intuitive. The transition to 4K, and eventually 8K, screen technology, combined with higher refresh rates and improved colour reproduction via high dynamic range (HDR), drives SoC integration even higher.

Processors for digital television

Set-top boxes

With the trend toward advanced hybrid products that seamlessly blend the broadcast and broadband worlds, it has become critical to provide graphically rich UIs that quickly and efficiently guide viewers to content. Consumers expect a level of experience that is comparable to what they are accustomed to receiving on tablets and smartphones, but SoC cost is always a major consideration in set-top box componentry and design. As a result, all of our intellectual property is designed to be the most efficient in its class.

Processors for set-top boxes

Media streaming

TV sticks/dongles must deliver maximum performance within limited power budgets in one of the most demanding applications. Intelligent technology integration and advanced SoC design have contributed to the success of these devices. Our PowerVR graphics cores have been used in many TV dongles and OTT devices, providing the ideal balance of power and performance in the most demanding of environments.

Processors for OTT devices

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