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Accelerating to the future with AI

New technologies are transforming the automotive industry, with innovation redefining what it means to drive or be driven. With AI, compute, graphics, and connectivity at the forefront, the entire experience is being transformed, having a significant impact on how we interact with our favourite vehicles.

Autonomy, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), and electric powertrains, as well as new business models like mobility-as-a-service and robo-taxis, will remake and remodel our perceptions of the automotive industry.

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Innovative HMI Solutions for Automotive

Imagination is the leading supplier of HMI IP solution with decades of experience powering infotainment and digital dashboards. Auto vendors are leveraging such rich environments to deliver incredible visual occupant experiences.

The latest automotive SoCs also incorporate our NNA IP, augmenting GPU Compute with higher machine learning performance for everything from voice recognition to gesture control. More sensors and multimedia content necessitate improved bandwidth management.

Using IMG’s Ethernet Packet Processor delivers quality of service for interconnects between platforms.

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Creating the connected car

The self-driving and driver-assisted (ADAS) car of the future is a mobile computing platform with an infinite amount of data streaming in real-time from sensors around the vehicle, feeding its AI brain. With petabytes of data passing to the AI decision-making units, connectivity is critical, as sensitive data must be routed securely and safely around the vehicle.

Our ethernet solutions, designed with functional safety in mind, make it easier for SoC manufacturers to achieve the automotive safety integrity levels (ASIL) that are classified by the ISO 26262 standard for automotive safety.

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Imagination and Ambarella partner on autonomous vehicle human-machine interface visualisations with ASIL functional safety

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“The addition of Imagination’s powerful automotive GPU to Ambarella’s CV3 domain controller SoC family, builds upon our image processing and CVflow® AI platform to provide advanced safety-critical driver interaction for safe vehicle operation.”

Chris Day

VP of Marketing and Business Development

The XS GPU family

The XS GPU family is purpose-built for automotive silicon.

Our XS GPU IP family combines advanced features with a safety architecture to accelerate ADAS and safety-critical graphics, resulting in the industry’s first ISO 26262-capable GPU IP. These cores also include advanced safety mechanisms like Tile Region Protection (TRP) to enable safety-critical rendering at a higher performance than any other solution. These cores have become the de facto standard for next-generation automotive systems, with additional performance optimizations for automotive workloads delivering higher performance and better visual quality.

Cores from the XS family are now available for licencing.

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Ecosystem and partners

With continued advances in hardware capabilities, we have driven progress in the automotive industry over many generations. However, having great software and a rich ecosystem of partners and tools readily available and optimised for our cores is the key to leveraging that new hardware today…

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