A career at Imagination means you are part of constant innovation; collaborating with the most brilliant minds to push the limits of technology.

Who we are

We love enabling our customers to create world-changing electronic products for people to enjoy, and we’re also passionate about how we go about it. Our people come from over 50 nations because we believe that diversity is essential to success and nowhere is too far to go to attract talented people. Whatever your background, you’re welcomed for who you are and rewarded for the results you get.

Design the future today

You might be asking yourself exactly what we do. Imagination Technologies applies its world-renowned engineering expertise to solve today’s most pressing technology challenges; from smarter devices using artificial intelligence to greater insights through augmented reality. We design ‘blueprints’ and software for the chips that enable your electronic devices to be smart, sleek, speedy and connected. Create today what the world will enjoy tomorrow.

Success at the core

Imagination Technologies is widely recognised for sparking the smartphone revolution. You’ll find our work at the heart of your favourite devices; the first eight iPhones, the PlayStation Vita, and DJI Phantom drones, to name a few. In fact, nearly as many chips containing Imagination’s technology have shipped than there are people on the planet.
elliot taylor

Elliot Taylor

“I love digital design as it enables me to be creative and challenge myself to find unique solutions to problems. I joined Imagination so I could work on top-of-the-range mobile GPUs that end up in market-leading products that we all use.”
Hardware Engineer
katerina servou

Katerina Servou

“I learn something new every day and my work goes into a product that reaches the hands of millions of people! That makes me feel really proud and excited about working at Imagination!”
Hardware Engineer

Life with Imagination

We know that the one thing certain in life is change. That means sometimes you need flexibility. We’ll help you arrange your work so that the important things get the attention they deserve. Need even more support? No problem. Our comprehensive range of benefits are there for you too. Whatever you need, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that you’ll be successful inside and outside of work.

Media Hub

  • Imagination announces major updates to PowerVR SDK and Toolkit, including ray tracing code examples.

    London, England; 12th May 2021 – Imagination Technologies today releases Version 21.1 of the popular PowerVR SDK and Toolkit, adding new features and ray tracing support enhancements to increase functionality and enhance the workflow of developers, technical artists, and engineers across a variety of disciplines. The SDK and Toolkit can be found on the new … Read more

  • Imagination appoints Didier Lamouche to board as non-executive director

    London, England- 14th April 2021 – Imagination Technologies announces the appointment of Dr Didier Lamouche to the Company’s board as a non-executive director. Dr Lamouche has more than 30 years of experience leading international technology businesses. His extensive experience includes management leadership as President & CEO of Idemia/Oberthur Technologies, of ST-Ericsson, Bull Group, STMicroelectronics (as COO), Altis Semiconductor and in various senior roles at IBM, Motorola and Philips. Dr Lamouche graduated … Read more

  • Imagination launches IMG Labs to create breakthrough technologies

    London, England; 25th March 2021 – Imagination Technologies announces IMG Labs, a specialist division tasked with developing breakthrough innovations fundamental to new, advanced semiconductor products. IMG Labs’ mission is to understand and accelerate future trends in the semiconductor industry, translating these into new licensable technologies that will enable world-leading products for Imagination’s partners. Headed up … Read more

  • Imagination’s GPU selected by StarFive to create high-performance, small and low-cost BeagleV RISC-V AI single board computer

    London, England and Shanghai, China – 22nd February, 2021 – Imagination Technologies announces that StarFive, an industry-leading provider of RISC-V processors, platforms and solutions, has licensed the IMG B-Series graphics processing unit (GPU) IP to support the development of its latest RISC-V single-board computer (SBC). Imagination’s GPUs are designed to work with all processor architectures. … Read more

  • Imagination and PaddlePaddle announce collaboration to grow the ecosystem for artificial intelligence (AI) for developers worldwide

    London, UK and Beijing, China; 1st February 2021 – In a collaboration between Imagination Technologies and PaddlePaddle, Imagination’s IMGDNN API has been integrated into Paddle-Lite, growing the artificial intelligence (AI) ecosystem for developers worldwide. Paddle-Lite is part of Baidu’s deep learning framework PaddlePaddle (Parallel Distributed Deep Learning), and the IMGDNN API enables developers to target … Read more

  • Imagination, update on 2020 progress

    London, UK; 6 January 2021 – Imagination Technologies today announces initial unaudited results for 2020, overall revenues increased by 44% to $125m (2019: $87m). Adjusted EBITDA* increased by $22m to $4m (2019: loss $18m); and adjusted EBITDA margin increased to 3% (2019: loss of 20%). Closing cash was $60m (2019: $66m); the business has no … Read more

Graduates and Interns

Connected, smart, mobile technology continues to model the world, and our designs are at the heart of it all. At Imagination Technologies you’ll collaborate with some of the brightest minds in the industry and shape the future as you build yours

Work Experience

At Imagination, we know that today’s students are tomorrow’s future. That’s why we offer one to two weeks of work experience, so you can discover the rewards of a career in hardware and software engineering.