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The graphics card market is diversifying. Ambitious new companies are identifying opportunities to create specialist cards optimised for use cases spanning from Android cloud gaming to desktop productivity. For these companies, a feature-rich, high-performance and energy-efficient IP, such as that offered by Imagination, can accelerate time to market and enable their engineers to focus on the elements of differentiation which will truly help them stand out.

Imagination has been a leader in the field of 3D graphics for over thirty years. Our GPUs work alongside all popular CPU architectures, including RISC-V and support Linux, Android and Windows as well as emerging operating systems such as UOS and Kylin OS.

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Data Centre

The cloud is increasingly used for graphics-rich applications such as gaming or content creation, delivering responsive experiences no matter how complicated the project or what device they are using. For data centre service providers, the key to success is the balance between user satisfaction and cost management.
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Desktop PC

Desktop PC graphics is all about engaging the end user in smooth frame rates and rich visual details as they play popular titles. Cards need to be high performance, with the API coverage to play popular titles and a feature set that delivers exceptional graphics while maintaining performance efficiency.
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Laptop and premium tablet users need devices that last all day while they handle everyday tasks such as video conferencing, web browsing, presentation creation and casual gaming. Their processors need the performance to run workloads swiftly without draining the battery or requiring a fan to cool the system.
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Why choose Imagination?


Imagination’s GPU IP allows graphics designers to optimise their graphics card for a particular use case and differentiate from the competition.

Performance that scales

Imagination’s innovative approach to multi-core enables graphics designers to seamlessly scale the IP to match the performance target.

Energy Efficiency

Based on Imagination’s tile-based deferred rendering architecture, originally designed for markets where battery is limited, our GPUs offer exceptional energy efficiency.

Ahead of the game

Cloud gaming service providers can maximise the number of gamers hosted per GPU by combining Imagination’s flexible multi-core technology with HyperLane virtualisation.

Discover IMG DXD

IMG DXD is the first in a new range of high-performance GPU IP with DirectX support. IMG DXD is developed for cloud gaming and desktop graphics experiences, starting with DirectX Feature Level 11_0, and includes API support to run popular PC games and Windows-based apps.

DXD is especially appealing to cloud gaming firms due to its multi-core setup, decentralised scaling method, and HyperLane virtualization technology, which provides security and performance control for numerous gamers. It is also energy-efficient, making it suited for markets with minimal power use.

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A scalable GPU IP tailor-made for desktop, laptop and cloud gaming graphics experiences.

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“There is a growing demand in the Chinese market for versatile, high performance and, power-efficient graphics cards. Xiangdixian is pleased to see Imagination’s efforts to incorporate essential desktop features, such as DirectX support and modern gaming optimisations, into their newly released IMG DXD GPU IP products. Xiangdixian is committed to developing tailored graphic products aligned with these enhancements, to ensure they meet the evolving needs of customers”

Zhimin Tang

Chairman of Xiangdixian Computing Technology (Chongqing) Co., Ltd.

Cloud gaming on Imagination GPUs

This demo video showcases the cloud gaming capabilities of IMG BXT GPU IP in Innosilicon’s Fantasy graphics card. The Fantasy graphics card delivers immersive Android cloud gaming experiences to multiple gamers simultaneously while keeping power consumption low. IMG DXD offers 2.25x the per-core graphics performance of the IMG BXT and is designed specifically for cloud gaming and desktop graphics experiences.

Data centre and desktop products


IMG DXD is the first Imagination GPU to come with hardware-based support for DirectXAt 144 GTexel/s and nearly 5 TFLOPS FP32, IMG DXD delivers 2.25x the per-core performance of IMG BXT. It is designed for graphics rich applications such as desktop and cloud gaming and features many optimisations to boost performance.  

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With PowerVR Photon Architecture delivers real time ray tracing in the palm of your hand, IMG CXT is a sweetspot core for premium mobile devices. CXT enables advanced effects like ray traced soft shadows, reflections and global illumination to create beautifully realistic game worlds, previously reserved for the highest level desktop GPUs.

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Part of Imagination’s multi-core B-Series range, BXT GPUs scale from 1 – 6TFLOPS compute performance and 32 – 128Gpixel/s rendering performance for higher-quality effects and higher-resolution rendering. With up to 30% lower power draw than previous generations, BXT enables solutions that scale from mobile to the cloud. 

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RTXM-2200 is the first core in Imagination’s RISC-V-based Catapult range. It’s a highly scalable, real-time, deterministic, 32-bit embedded CPU, that is feature-rich and flexible in design. It is an ideal solution for cellular base stations, packet management and storage controllers. 

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The GPU of choice for RISC-V

Imagination GPUs are supported by cutting-edge software that supports the latest API trends, including Vulkan 1.3, and have been optimised for RISC-V.

Our GPUs are the perfect addition to your RISC-V desktop and data centre projects.

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