High performance GPU IP for cloud gaming with DirectX support

Now with DirectX Support

IMG DXD is the first product in a new line of high-performance GPU IP with support for DirectX*. Starting with DirectX Feature Level 11_0, IMG DXD is designed for cloud gaming and desktop graphics experiences, with API coverage to run popular PC games and Windows-based applications.

DXD is particularly appealing for cloud gaming companies due to its multi-core configuration, decentralized scaling approach, and HyperLane virtualization technology, which supports multiple gamers with security and performance management. Additionally, it is energy-efficient, making it suitable for markets where power consumption is limited.

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Cloud gaming, evolved

This demo video showcases the cloud gaming capabilities of IMG BXT GPU IP in Innosilicon’s Fantasy graphics card. The Fantasy graphics card delivers immersive Android cloud gaming experiences to multiple gamers simultaneously while keeping power consumption low. IMG DXD offers 2.25x the per-core graphics performance of the IMG BXT and is designed specifically for cloud gaming and desktop graphics experiences.

Why Choose IMG DXD?

Performance that scales

IMG DXD empowers your gaming experience with remarkable pixel processing capabilities. At a stunning 2.3 TFLOPS and 72 GTexel/s, its per-core graphics performance surpasses that of the IMG BXT by 2.25 X, which is presently available in PCIe boards. Our innovative, decentralized multi-core approach allows graphics card designers to seamlessly scale the IP to achieve their desired performance goals.

Cloud, Covered

IMG DXD offers scalable performance ideal for Android, Linux, and Windows cloud gaming services, where managing costs while keeping users satisfied is a constant challenge. With Imagination’s HyperLane virtualization solution, service providers can host multiple gamers on a single IMG DXD-based board, dynamically adjusting performance allocation to enhance service monetization while ensuring user satisfaction.


IMG DXD brings immersive PC gaming through its inherently power-efficient PowerVR architecture. This innovative tile-based deferred rendering approach is pivotal in revolutionizing 3D graphics on smartphones, catering to strict energy budgets set by batteries and packaging constraints. Over generations, we've made significant strides in enhancing performance efficiency, resulting in a GPU that boasts modest power consumption while delivering the TFLOPS performance expected from a mainstream desktop graphics card.

IMG DXD applications


With IMG DXD, we usher in the era of PC gaming now with support for Windows devices with hardware-based DirectX along with Vulkan®, OpenGL®, OpenGL® ES, OpenCL™enabling PC games and
Windows apps to run seamlessly.


IMG DXD with the ultra-efficient nature of the PowerVR architecture, allows for fast performance on laptops creating a desktop-gaming-like experience. This is achieved without the need to trade-off power or performance.

Cloud Gaming

IMG DXD sets the benchmark for efficiency, delivering top-tier performance with minimal power requirements and thermal footprint. The inclusion of our Hyperlane virtualization features makes DXD the ultimate choice the most efficient cloud gaming solutions while ensuring the highest level of user satisfaction.

A scalable GPU IP tailor-made for desktop, laptop and cloud gaming graphics experiences.

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“There is a growing demand in the Chinese market for versatile, high performance and, power-efficient graphics cards. Xiangdixian is pleased to see Imagination’s efforts to incorporate essential desktop features, such as DirectX support and modern gaming optimisations, into their newly released IMG DXD GPU IP products. Xiangdixian is committed to developing tailored graphic products aligned with these enhancements, to ensure they meet the evolving needs of customers”

Zhimin Tang

Chairman of Xiangdixian Computing Technology (Chongqing) Co., Ltd.

DirectX Support

Imagination GPUs can now be deployed in Windows-based devices thanks to the new hardware-based support for DirectX in IMG DXD. With its combined support for Vulkan 1.3, OpenGL 4.6 via Zink, OpenGL ES 3.2, Open CL 3.0 and DirectX 11_0 FL, DXD has hardware based support for the API coverage to run popular PC games as well as other Windows-based applications and mobile titles.

2D Dual-Rate Texturing

Numerous cutting-edge games heavily depend on texture-sampling filter effects. IMG DXD GPUs incorporate a specialized mode within their texture processing unit (TPU) designed to identify these algorithms, effectively doubling their execution rate. The outcome of this “fast path” for post-processing effects is a remarkable twofold increase in bilinear filtering performance, offering newfound potential for tasks like image processing and more.

Pipelined Data Masters

Pipelined Data Masters streamlines GPU workload setup, elevating performance and enhancing power efficiency. Data Masters are fixed-function units that drive Geometry, Pixel, Compute and Housekeeping workloads within the GPU. With pipelining, job setup for the next task can now already commence while the previous one is still in execution, ensuring continuous workflow.

RISC-V Firmware Processor

IMG DXD includes a C-programmable RISC-V based firmware processor that handles the front-end scheduling of the GPU. The new RISC-V based processor is up to 40% faster at handling GPU management events locally as well as handling low-latency interactions with other system-wide IP blocks.
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IMG DXT uses Photon Architecture to deliver the next level of performance efficiency, while also offering ray tracing in several configurations and performance points. This means that manufacturers looking to deliver a ray-tracing capable device at a lower cost can take a half-RAC per SPU while still providing the ultimate mobile visual experience. DXT offers single, dual, triple and quad-RAC configurations.

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With PowerVR Photon Architecture delivers real time ray tracing in the palm of your hand, IMG CXT is a sweetspot core for premium mobile devices. CXT enables advanced effects like ray traced soft shadows, reflections and global illumination to create beautifully realistic game worlds, previously reserved for the highest level desktop GPUs.

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Part of Imagination’s multi-core B-Series range, BXT GPUs scale from 1 – 6TFLOPS compute performance and 32 – 128Gpixel/s rendering performance for higher-quality effects and higher-resolution rendering. With up to 30% lower power draw than previous generations, BXT enables solutions that scale from mobile to the cloud.

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Watch the on-demand launch keynote to learn more about IMG DXD, and the technology behind it.
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*IMG DXD is a GPU IP based on the published DirectX and Khronos API specifications. Hardware designed with this IP is expected to pass conformance testing.