Diversity, Equity,

and Inclusion

Everyone is welcome
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Our people are at the heart of Imagination.

At Imagination we’re proud of the work we’ve done towards creating a diverse and inclusive culture.
However, we are aware that there is still more to do.

Our DE&I statement

You can read our DE&I statement here, to understand:
  • Our CEO and executive teams’ commitment to DE&I
  • Why DE&I matters to us
  • Our journey so far
  • How we’re raising awareness at Imagination
Download our DE&I statement

Our communities

We have several groups helping us shape our approach to DE&I and ensure we’re heading in the right direction. All our groups are employee-led:
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DE&I Group

This group champions our approach, helping to ensure we are focusing on the right issues and topics that matter most to our people, business, and industry.
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Working with industry organisations like The Women’s Engineering Society (WES), the group ensures that women are supported within Imagination while also highlighting career opportunities for girls and women. 
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This group is leading our approach to raising awareness and understanding around neurodiversity to ensure that we are welcoming and inclusive.