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The benefits

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Great flexibility: split your time between home and office.
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Want to work full time in the office? You can!
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Office AV is now best-in-class – so you can collaborate effectively with colleagues wherever you are.
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Want to spend more time with loved ones? We offer up to two weeks international working at the start/end of your annual leave.
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We’ve standardised on Microsoft Teams so communication with colleagues is now easy and consistent.
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We have an overall flexible approach so anything reasonable will be considered – just ask!

We’ve designed a bespoke hybrid working framework with our people firmly in mind. We want you to be able to work in a way that not only champions creativity and innovation, but also helps you achieve the right work-life balance.


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What's it about?

We understand that our colleagues are seeking a more flexible way of working between the office and home. Individuals are placing more value on their physical and mental wellbeing and are aware that creating and maintaining a healthy work-life balance is essential to achieving this.

Recent research has indicated that flexible working has increased and is a major consideration in how forward-thinking employers attract and retain talent.

By enabling our colleagues to work in a hybrid way it provides us with the balance to work on our own when needed and to come together as a team for those times when greater collaboration is required. By working in this way this also allows us to respond to our customers/colleagues working in different time zones.

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As we return to some form of normal, we recognise that despite the adversity, the past year has brought real benefits to our working lives and shown us that new ways of working are beneficial.

Our revamped offices will remain central to our company culture, serving as a place of collaboration and a base of support, but we do not believe a traditional Monday to Friday 9-5 is beneficial to all.

We are proud to deliver an industry leading hybrid working framework, which we believe will allow us all to enjoy a better balance between our personal and working lives, enhancing both at the same time.

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Simon Beresford-Wylie, Chief Executive Officer

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We’ve embraced hybrid working. And we’re hiring now.