The first core from our Catapult range

IMG RTXM-2200 is a highly scalable real-time, deterministic, 32-bit embedded CPU, that is feature-rich and flexible in design for mainstream devices. It’s the ideal solution for markets such as cellular base stations, networking solutions for data transfer, packet management and storage controllers.

It can also be used as a helper core in complex SoCs.

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Introducing RTXM-2200 CPU

Watch our introduction video below where we explain what IMG RTXM-2200 is, how it sets itself apart from other CPUs, as well as all the other exciting details about our CPU product.

Why choose IMG RTXM-2200?

Highest-quality design

Our team is quality-driven, across every aspect of the development lifecycle. We employ lean and efficient development methodologies and practices with complete and stringent sign-off criteria to ensure best-in-class processes for functional safety and security.

Market-leading RISC-V software tools

RTXM-2200 comes with a full tools package that works out of the box across multiple platforms to accelerate your development process. Our tools offer you the flexibility to use the same toolchains across different RISC-V implementations, whether from Imagination or other community members, to boost the RISC-V ecosystem.

Expert support

Imagination only succeeds when our customers succeed. We offer tailored support for integrating Imagination IP into a product, as well as access to a regularly updated DDK and our comprehensive suite of developer tools.

IMG RTXM-2200: A highly scalable, feature-rich real-time embedded RISC-V CPU

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“RISC-V International is excited to witness Imagination maintaining its momentum by launching its first licensable 32-bit embedded real-time processor, since the announcement of its entry into the RISC-V CPU IP market. This underlines the expansion of the RISC-V architecture as developers take advantage of this flexible technology to address multiple market requirements. We are pleased to see Imagination’s commitment to drive ecosystem growth with the delivery of its SDK and the support of open-source operating systems.”

Calista Redmond

CEO of RISC-V International

IMG RTXM-2200 chip

IMG RTXM-2200 at a glance

RTXM-2200 is designed to be robust, flexible, and secure. It offers a range of floating-point formats including single-precision and bfloat16. The latter enables the implementation of cost-effective AI features on the CPU, reducing silicon area. The real-time embedded core features up to 128KB tightly coupled instruction and data memory for deterministic response and a similar range of Level 1 cache sizes for scalable and robust performance. All options are configurable, giving customers greater PPA choice for their target use cases.
IMG RTX M Software Visualisation

Lessen the RISC

Drawing on over 30 years of RISC architectural development RISC-V brings a fresh approach to the CPU industry. Imagination has delivered market-leading complex IP to customers for over 20 years and has decades of experience in CPU. Designing an SoC is challenging, but by working with Imagination, customers can get their RISC-V design right the first time, with confidence that you’ll be working with a strong partner for the long term.

The next evolution of the CPU market

RTXM-2200 marks the first step on Imagination’s journey to deliver market-disrupting levels of compute performance, through advanced heterogeneous compute solutions. Bringing together our system knowledge in GPU, AI, and Ethernet-based systems we will deliver CPU solutions designed to address the needs of a diverse range of use cases.

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