Tiny GPU without compromise

The IMG A-Series is a future-proof range of efficient GPU IP for markets where highly responsive graphical user interfaces are needed, but manufacturing cost and device price are critical.

These small cores, based on a highly power-conscious architecture, are perfect for industrial and wearable applications, with higher performance configurations available for mainstream mobile.

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A true performer

An architecture that exemplifies the power efficiency of Imagination GPUs while delivering the performance density to handle challenging graphics workloads. View our demo below to see how our architecture showcases the true performance of our GPU.

IMG A-Series GPU Core Families 


IMG AXE combines small silicon area with excellent performance. Support for Vulkan, OpenGL ES and OpenCL enables developers to leverage the latest standards to make the most efficient use of the hardware. Perfect for industrial applications and wearable devices.

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IMG AXT can deliver up to 32 GPixel/s and 1 TFLOPS performance. AXT cores take full advantage of the A-Series’ architecture’s bandwidth-optimising configurable caches and performance-boosting ultra-wide arithmetic logic units.

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Why choose IMG A-Series?

Lower bill of materials

IMG A-Series delivers all the graphics performance needed while maintaining a low area and superlative bandwidth and power management.

Developer friendly

IMG A-Series supports the latest APIs including OpenGL ES, Vulkan and OpenCL. Software optimisation tools enable developers to quickly analyse frames and identify problem areas.

Expert support

Imagination only succeeds when our customers succeed. We offer tailored support for integrating Imagination IP into a product, as well as access to a regularly updated DDK and our comprehensive suite of developer tools.

IMG A-Series applications

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Update the user experience on industrial devices with the area-efficient A-Series GPU, guaranteed to banish clunky, unresponsive user interfaces to the past.
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The low area, power conscious A-Series GPUs are perfect for devices where space is at a premium, but a responsive user interface is a must-have.
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Power management optimisations combine with the innate performance of A-Series GPUs to bring a smooth user interface and sustained gaming performance to mainstream mobile devices.

AAA GPU architecture

The A-Series architecture features an ultra-wide arithmetic logic unit (ALU) complemented by compiler optimisations that maximise ALU utilisation. It gives silicon designers more bandwidth management options by making the cache sizes configurable. And it offers improved power management with algorithms that immediately slow down – or even put to sleep – parts of the GPU that aren’t in use.

HyperLane Virtualisation

HyperLane, Imagination’s virtualisation solution, brings another level of flexibility to IMG A-Series. This technology provides eight individual hardware control lanes, each isolated in memory, enabling different tasks to be submitted to the GPU simultaneously for fully secure GPU multitasking.
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Advanced compression technology

Imagination’s image compression solutions can guarantee bandwidth reduction and memory footprint savings of at least 50% while maintaining impeccable visual quality.
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Other GPUs from Imagination


Part of Imagination’s multi-core B-Series range. IMG BXM offers a range of high-efficiency performance cores providing an optimal balance of fill rate and compute in a compact silicon area for mid-range mobile gaming and complex UI solutions for DTV and other markets.

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IMG DXT evolves the Photon architecture to deliver the next level of performance efficiency, while also offering ray tracing in several configurations and performance points. This means that manufacturers looking to deliver a ray-tracing capable device at a lower cost can take a half-RAC per SPU while still providing the ultimate mobile visual experience. DXT offers single, dual, triple and quad-RAC configurations.

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IMG CXM is the smallest GPU to support HDR user interfaces. It is a highly efficient, feature-rich GPU that enables consumer technology creators to provide enriching visual experiences at a lower cost and with more design flexibility.

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