Introducing our next-generation graphics processors

An exceptional leap in performance

The IMG A-Series architecture delivers performance where it counts, with class-leading performance density for GPU IP. The result is outstanding graphics, AI and compute performance that can be tailored for multiple markets – from mobile, gaming and automotive through to set-top boxes and server. A-Series delivers significant improvements over the previous generation*.


Increased Performance


Faster AI Processing


Lower Power

* Compared with 9 Series cores of the same area running complex content with the same process node, under similar conditions.

IMG A-Series GPU core families

A-Series covers all three of our GPU categories to fulfil the needs of a wide range of markets.
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A-Series AXE combines small silicon area with excellent performance. Ideal for premium Internet of Things, entry-level DTV/STB and mobile, it’s the fastest Vulkan™-capable GPU in its class, enabling developers to leverage the latest standards for the most efficient use of the hardware.
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The A-Series AXM is the go-to GPU for any SoC designer that wants to create a device that balances performance, battery life and low silicon area into one highly efficient package. It delivers the performance needed for smooth UIs, 60fps gaming and powerful AI, in a compact silicon area.
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With up to 2.5x the raw performance of today’s shipping PowerVR parts, the A-Series AXT is the ultimate GPU IP for high-performance, flagship, premium designs for mobile and automotive. The flexible architecture it can be efficiently scaled to offer the perfect configuration of performance.
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The ultimate gaming experience

A-Series is designed for the best gaming experience on mobile, smart TV and set-top box. Optimisations for power efficiency means it delivers consistent, sustainable frame rates without clock throttling, so gamers can play harder, for longer. And thanks to features such as visually lossless PVRIC4 compression, completely reworked anisotropic sampling and new level of detail algorithms image quality is never less than impeccable.

PVRIC4 visually lossless compression

Using either lossless or highly optimised lossy compression to guarantee bandwidth reduction of at least 50% and a memory footprint saving of 50% while maintaining impeccable image quality.

Enhanced anisotropic and LOD sampling

New algorithms for level of detail (LOD) and anisotropic filtering in A-Series improves sample generation for reduced silicon area and enhanced image quality.

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Mobile Devices

Providing silky smooth performance for responsive, frustration-free, user interfaces for smartphones, tablets and display-equipped smart speakers.
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Driving the next-generation of high-resolution, multi-function digital in-car displays for dashboard cluster, ADAS and infotainment.
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Ultra-fast, low-power GPUs delivering high-efficiency rendering for cloud-based gaming AI training and high-performance compute.
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Concept of HyperLane

HyperLane technology

A-Series introduces HyperLane Technology across the entire range. Offering up to eight individual, isolated hardware control lanes, for secure, efficient multitasking. Want to run AI tasks while running complex 3D graphics without slowdown? This is made possible thanks to HyperLane Dynamic Performance Control. Need to keep your video IP protected from hackers? HyperLane Technology enables you to pass your stream through the GPU while keeping your valuable content completely secure.
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AI Synergy

HyperLane Technology also enables a new feature, AI Synergy. This turns SoCs into programmable AI and graphics powerhouses by enabling software developers to run programmable, flexible AI workloads on the A-Series GPU at the same time as graphics, while offloading fixed-function AI to a dedicated neural network accelerator for ultimate AI performance.
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IMG-A Series webinars

Register and join us virtually at the Imagination Inspire 2019 event which took place in Shanghai December 3rd with over 350 delegates in attendance. Register for the on demand presentations which will make you feel like you were in the room with us and discover our new generation GPU: IMG A-Series – “The GPU of Everything”.

Download the IMG A-Series overview

Find out how our newest GPU IP can give you the edge.

IMG A-Series is the fastest GPU IP ever released. It evolves the PowerVR GPU architecture to fulfil the graphics and compute needs of the full spectrum of next-generation devices. Designed to be “The GPU of Everything” A-Series is the ultimate solution for multiple markets, from automotive, AIoT, and computing through to DTV/STB/OTT, mobile and server.

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