An expansive range of flexible GPU IP

Do more with multi-core

Whether you need a compute-focused core for ADAS, cloud computing or gaming or a fill rate focused core for driving high-resolution displays, with over twenty configurations available IMG B-Series offers an optimised GPU IP ideally suited to your needs – including ISO 26262 certifiable configurations for automotive.

B-Series features a multi-core architecture so our customers can link together multiple GPU cores to achieve maximum levels of performance and flexibility.

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Maximum performance; maximum flexibility

The quad-core IMG BXT GPU is the flagship GPU in the B-Series range and easily supports advanced graphics effects such as volumetric lighting, physically based shading and particle systems. View our demo to see the performance of our GPU IP.

IMG B-Series GPU Core Families 


Scaling from 1 to 16 pixels per clock (PPC), BXE is a range of GPUs specifically designed for UI rendering and entry-level gaming capable of supporting screens from 720p to 8k.

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A range of high-efficiency performance cores providing an optimal balance of fill rate and compute in a compact silicon area for mid-range mobile gaming and complex UI solutions for DTV and other markets.

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Offering incredibly high performance for real-world applications, scaling from the device in your hand to the data centre. The flagship BXT GPU is a four-core part generating 6.0 TFLOPs of performance, 192 Gigapixels per second and 24 TOPS for AI, delivering the industry’s highest performance per mm2.

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The BXS family are ISO 26262-capable GPUs. Available as a complete range from entry to premium, delivering solutions for next-generation HMI, UI display, infotainment, digital cockpit, surround view, through to multi-teraflop compute-focused configurations for autonomy and ADAS.

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Why choose IMG B-Series?

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A GPU for your use case

There are over twenty GPUs in the IMG B-Series range covering a spectrum of performance, power and area targets. Whatever your design requirements, there will be a B-Series GPU to match.

Proven in-silicon

First released in 2020, IMG B-Series GPUs are now shipping in devices in consumer, mobile, automotive and desktop markets. It is a mature and proven IP.

Expert support

Imagination only succeeds when our customers succeed. We offer tailored support for integrating Imagination IP into a product, as well as access to a regularly updated DDK and our comprehensive suite of developer tools.

IMG B-Series applications

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IMG BXE and BXM cores are fill rate focused GPUs perfect for DTV, STB, Smart Home or wearable devices. They offer great performance and low bandwidth to enable cost-effective GUI solutions from 720p up to 8K.
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IMG B-Series offers a diverse range of performance per area / power targets. Whether you’re designing silicon for mainstream or premium mobile devices, there is a B-Series GPU to match your requirements – and we work with a wide range of game developers to make sure games run optimally on our GPUs.
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IMG BXS GPUs are ISO 26262 certifiable up to ASIL-B. The nine BXS configurations bring safety-critical graphics and compute capabilities to vehicles and scale from mainstream infotainment unit models to ADAS-capable GPUs.
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Premium IMG B-Series cores deliver an incredible 6 TFLOPS – the kind of performance that makes these GPUs suitable for PCI-E form factor designs. We’re bringing our low-power, high-efficiency architecture to a new range of platforms focused on exceptional performance and flexibility.

IMG BXS-Series ASIL-B capable GPUs adopted by Ambarella for CV3 Automotive SoC Family

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“The addition of Imagination’s powerful automotive GPU to Ambarella’s CV3 domain controller SoC family, builds upon our image processing and CVflow® AI platform to provide advanced safety-critical driver interaction for safe vehicle operation.”

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VP of Marketing and Business Development

Scale to cloud-level performance with multi-core

B-Series GPUs can scale with multi-core to dual or quad-core configurations. BXT and BXM cores feature multi-primary full-core scaling, combining the power of all of the cores to deliver maximum single-app performance or optionally enabling the cores to run independent applications for greater flexibility. BXE cores offer primary-secondary scaling, an area-optimised solution that presents a single high-performance GPU.

Functional safety

The B-Series includes the ISO 26262-capable BXS cores that can deliver functionally safe graphics and compute into automotive. BXS scales from small cores for mainstream infotainment units to multiple teraflops of compute for advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) and high-performance autonomy.

BXS GPUs include safety-specific features, such as Tile Region Protection to enable an easier transition to the next generation of functionally safe HMIs.

Advanced image compression technology

Advanced image compression solutions are available for B-Series GPUs that promote SoC efficiency without compromising on the graphics experiences of the end user. For our automotive XS-family cores these solutions include end-to-end CRC-based data integrity protection for the render target data flow.
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HyperLane Virtualisation

HyperLane – Imagination’s virtualisation solution – brings another level of flexibility to IMG B-Series. This technology provides eight individual hardware control lanes, each isolated in memory, enabling different tasks to be submitted to the GPU simultaneously for fully secure GPU multitasking.
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Watch the on-demand launch keynote to learn more about IMG B-Series and the technology behind it.

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Other GPUs from Imagination

GPU IP from Imagination that will give you the edge.


With PowerVR Photon Architecture delivers real time ray tracing in the palm of your hand, IMG CXT is a sweetspot core for premium mobile devices. CXT enables advanced effects like ray traced soft shadows, reflections and global illumination to create beautifully realistic game worlds, previously reserved for the highest level desktop GPUs.

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IMG DXT evolves the Photon architecture to deliver the next level of performance efficiency, while also offering ray tracing in several configurations and performance points. This means that manufacturers looking to deliver a ray-tracing capable device at a lower cost can take a half-RAC per SPU while still providing the ultimate mobile visual experience. DXT offers single, dual, triple and quad-RAC configurations. 

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IMG CXM is the smallest GPU to support HDR user interfaces. It is a highly efficient, feature-rich GPU that enables consumer technology creators to provide enriching visual experiences at a lower cost and with more design flexibility.  

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