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IMG B-Series takes all of the advances of IMG A-Series, the fastest GPU IP ever created, and offers new configurations with even higher levels of performance. IMG B-Series also delivers new levels of performance for mid-range and entry-level cores. Whether you need a compute-focused core for ADAS, cloud computing or gaming or a fill rate focused core for driving high-resolution displays, IMG B-Series offers an optimised GPU IP solution ideally suited to your needs.

IMG B-Series makes use of a new multi-core architecture – enabling our customers to link together multiple GPU cores to achieve increasing levels of performance.

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Multi-Core Performance


Lower Power


Fill Rate

IMG B-Series multi-core demo

Demonstrating unprecedented levels of performance with the new IMG BXT multi-core (MC).

IMG BXT MC cores deliver industry-leading levels of performance for higher-quality effects and higher-resolution rendering. With up to 6 TFLOPS of compute performance and up to 30% lower power draw than previous generations, BXT enables solutions that scale from mobile to the cloud.

IMG B-Series Tile Region Protection demo

Showcasing safety-critical rendering on the new IMG BXS GPU using Tile Region Protection (TRP). TRP delivers higher performance for safety-critical rendering and an easier transition from QM to the next generation of safe HMIs.

IMG B-Series GPU core families

IMG B-Series contains four GPU categories to fulfil the needs of a wide range of markets.

BXT offers an exceptional step forward from A-Series, delivering the industry’s highest performance per mm² making it a compelling solution for top-tier designs.

BXE offers up to 25% area saving compared to previous generation Imagination cores, now with up to 2.5x the fill rate density compared to the competition. BXE scales from 1 to 16 pixels per clock (PPC). With optimised BXE cores which can easily deliver complex 1080P and 4K UIs for DTV, IoT and smart home devices. The highest specification BXE offers never-before-seen performance for pixel-focused IP enabling customers to target 8K displays with optimal silicon area.

We offer support for the Vulkan® API throughout the range, enabling developers to maximise performance on even the smallest cores.

BXM is a range of high-efficiency performance cores, providing an optimal balance of fill rate and compute in a compact silicon area. This makes it the perfect choice for mid-range affordable mobile. They are also ideal for complex UI solutions such as DTV with twice the render resolution of competing designs.

The BXS family is the first range of ISO 26262-capable GPU IP, making them the most advanced automotive GPU IP cores ever created. With BXS we have used our in-depth understanding of the industry to deliver performance gains of up to 60% over consumer B-Series parts. BXS produces a range of configurations optimised for uses. This includes complex car rendering for premium surround-view and dashboard applications, through to delivering highly programmable compute for ADAS compute use cases. All BXS cores are ideally paired with our neural network accelerators for rapid, low-power inferencing performance.

IMG BXE GPU IP has been integrated into StarFive’s latest RISC-V single-board computer (SBC), the VisionFive 2.

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“The IMG BXE GPU integrates seamlessly with StarFive RISC-V JH7110 SoC, significantly enhancing the SBC’s graphics performance. Imagination is a strong partner in our journey to build out the RISC-V ecosystem.”

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Maximum flexibility or maximum bandwidth reduction. The choice is yours.

IMGIC technology is a new technology that builds on our industry-leading PVRIC4 to compress images into and out of the GPU to increase performance. Joining our lossless or 50% visually lossless modes are two more options:

  • A 75% bandwidth-capped lossless mode, to prioritise quality
  • A 25% mode to prioritise extreme bandwidth saving.

This gives more flexibility for SoC designers to optimise either for performance or to reduce system cost, while maintaining a great user experience.

IMGIC is available across the entire IMG B-Series range, bringing the benefits of our industry-leading image compression to even the smallest cores.

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Imagination offers the leading solution for premium, mid-range and entry-level mobile with the best performance per area and the lowest power. Imagination works with a wide range of game developers to make sure games run optimally on our GPUs to deliver the best gaming experience.
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Cloud-Level Performance

At the high-end, our larger IMG B-Series cores deliver an incredible 6 TFLOPS – the kind of performance that makes these GPUs suitable for PCI-E form factor designs. We’re bringing our low-power, high-efficiency architecture to a new range of platforms focused on exceptional performance and flexibility.
automotive safety icon

Automotive Safety Cores

Following on from the launch of our XS family we are announcing the first BXS cores, specifically designed to address the needs of the automotive market by bringing safety-critical graphics and compute capabilities to market with multi-core scaling and redundancy for the very first time.
industrial core icon

Consumer and Industrial Cores

Our BXE series delivers a scalable range of fill rate focused cores with great performance and low bandwidth to enable cost-effective GUI solutions from 720p up to 8K. This is possible thanks to multi-core deployment of our GPUs resulting in reduced silicon costs and software continuity.
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IMG B-Series GPU and PowerVR Series3NX NNA cores have been licensed for the latest RISC-V-based SoCs of Alibaba Group’s T-Head Semiconductor for AIoT applications.

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“The combination of Imagination’s GPU and NNA IP provides an ideal solution for our low-power and cost-efficient AIoT products. Getting the right performance-power trade-off allows us to unlock more possibilities in applications”

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Jianyi Meng

Vice President

IMG B-Series Webinar Graphic

Webinar Launch Keynote

Join this webinar to learn about the exciting IMG B-Series GPU product range and the technology behind it.
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Find out how our GPU IP can give you the edge.

What is IMG B-Series?

IMG B-Series is a new range of GPU IP that takes all the advances of IMG A-Series, the fastest GPU IP ever created, and adds even more performance. With a variety of new configuration options that expand the available options for our customers. With its advanced multi-core architecture, B-Series reaches unprecedented performance levels for IP to address a variety of new markets, and enables our customers to create devices with reduced power consumption.

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什么是IMG B系列?

IMG B系列是全新系列GPU IP,它继承了IMG A 系列的所有先进特性,是有史以来最快的 GPU IP,并增加了更多的性能——具有多种新的配置选项,为客户提供更多选择。凭借先 进的多核架构,B 系列达到了前所未有的 IP性能级别,可应对各种新兴市场,使我们的客 户能够以更低的功耗创造新型设备。