Watch the video above to learn how Imagination helped Innosilicon to achieve their mission.

Innosilicon is known as a world-class one-stop-shop for high-speed mixed-signal IP and custom ASIC solutions in China. It has set its sights on the cloud gaming GPU market with the bold ambition of breaking the OS-market oligopoly by delivering competitive Linux and Android solutions to bring more choice to data centre customers. However, the inefficient, brute-force approach of traditional GPU designs is not a great fit for this, as in data centres minimising heat and power are of critical concern. To solve this challenge, Innosilicon needed an efficient, scalable, cost-effective solution and so turned to Imagination Technologies to help bring its GPU design concept to life, launching its first-generation graphics card, the Fantasy One in 2021.

Innosilicon selected IMG BXT for its impressive scalability, its ability to offer up to 6 TFLOPS of compute, with an up to 30% reduction in power and 25% area reduction over previous generations, and the inclusion of Imagination’s new multi-core technology.

Fantasy One is Innosilicon’s first server-level graphics card that’s designed for both desktop and cloud applications. By integrating Imagination’s IMG BXT GPU technology, Innosilicon was able to create an incredibly power-efficient solution, that delivers 4K performance in a PCI-E Gen 4 GPU. Thanks to Imaginations GPU’s scalable architecture, it can be tailored to meet the demands of 5G cloud gaming and data centre implementations.