Imagination extends its commitment to RISC-V with an upgrade to Premier level membership

Accelerating ecosystem growth as a leading member of the RISC-V community

London, England – 14th December 2022Imagination Technologies announces it has upgraded to the Premier RISC-V International membership level, further establishing its commitment to drive growth for the RISC-V ecosystem. At this Premier level, Shreyas Derashri, VP of Compute at Imagination, will join the RISC-V International Board of Directors.

Imagination has been an active member of the RISC-V community for many years, initially through its award-winning RVfpga training course, accelerating education on the RISC-V architecture. Most recently it announced the real-time IMG RTXM-2200 CPU, its first commercially available RISC-V core. The upgrade to Premier membership and the board of directors’ presence demonstrates the company’s ongoing commitment to RISC-V, and the expansive ecosystem of current and prospective customers it serves.

Shreyas Derashri, Vice President of Compute, Imagination, says: “Imagination is excited to consolidate its commitment to growing the RISC-V ecosystem and I’m honoured to join the RISC-V International Board of Directors. As a company, we pride ourselves on being a key driving force for innovation and our enhanced RISC-V membership will be essential in this journey. As a leading IP provider, we understand how crucial it is to ensure OEMs have access to compatible RISC-V IP as well as robust software support, both of which are maintained at a high level of quality throughout our portfolio.”

Imagination offers an extensive range of GPUs, AI accelerators and CPU cores, that are designed to support the market shift towards heterogeneous SoC implementations. Its award-winning PowerVR AI technology enables mobile, automotive and AIoT devices to run neural networks at outstanding speeds, while its recently announced Catapult CPU family expands the RISC-V ecosystem and is designed for implementation across a variety of market applications. All Imagination GPUs are compatible with RISC-V SoCs, enabling customers full control over their heterogeneous designs.

Calista Redmond, CEO, RISC-V International says: “Imagination has proven itself to be a dedicated member of the RISC-V community, accelerating the expansion of our ecosystem globally through its innovative IP and market-leading software tools. By upgrading its membership, Imagination brings critical expertise in heterogeneous compute and IP to our community, ultimately enabling more choice for chip designers while also playing a role in shaping the future of RISC-V.”

Imagination Technologies is speaking and exhibiting at the RISC-V Summit, which is taking place from Dec. 13-14, 2022, in San Jose. Imagination will be presenting several sessions during the event, covering RISC-V heterogeneous solutions as well as demoing the latest Catapult Studio for its RTXM-2200 CPU. Details for the sessions can be found in the event schedule.

Attendees can visit Imagination’s booth PG4 in the Expo Hall to find out more about its latest RISC-V solutions.

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