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Benefits that look after you and your family

At Imagination, we really value our people and so we design everything to enable them to thrive.

We don’t have ridged HR polices, instead we have flexible frameworks and benefits that help our people find the right balance between work and home life for them.

Working in a way that suits you

We understand that our colleagues are seeking a more flexible way of working between the office and home. Individuals are placing more value on their physical and mental wellbeing and are aware that creating and maintaining a healthy work-life balance is essential to achieving this.

By enabling our colleagues to work in a hybrid way, it provides us with the balance to work on our own when needed and to come together as a team for those times when greater collaboration is required. By working in this way, this also allows us to respond to our customers and colleagues working in different time zones.

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We all need a break

Everyone needs a break from work, and this is exactly what your annual leave is for. Spend some time doing what you enjoy, maybe with family or friends, or some well-deserved you time. We provide generous annual leave; however, if you require additional time off for a special event or a last-minute vacation, you can enjoy even more flexibility by purchasing up to 5 days of additional annual leave in any given year. 
Our annual leave guide

Starting a family

It is an exciting time when thinking about starting a family, and in whichever way you have chosen to do so, when you work at Imagination, we will support you throughout the process.

This includes, but is not limited to; company enhanced maternity and adoption pay and paternity leave depending on your length of service; the ability to attend all of your antenatal care appointments with no loss of pay or owing back of time; and being safe in the knowledge that all your company benefits remain in place during your leave.

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We're here to support you

We understand that life does not always go as planned, and you may need time away from work to help you through certain situations. Compassionate leave allows you to do just that.

You can use compassionate leave to support yourself after the death of a family member or friend, as well as to help family and close friends who are dealing with sensitive or upsetting situations. 

Our compassionate leave guide

Time for your family

We understand that life is unpredictable, everything doesn’t go to plan, and there are usually times of unplanned family emergencies. Dependants leave allows you time to deal with these emergency situations and get everything back on track.
Our dependants leave guide
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It's okay to not feel okay

As part of the Imagination family, we want you to know that we care about all conversations around mental health. Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. If you feel you are struggling, you can always talk to us and we will support you; we won’t judge you.

We work with MHFA England and have over 15 Mental Health First Aiders employed within our UK team, who are all fully qualified as per MHFA Training. Each are available at any time to talk and help provide guidance.

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We've got you covered

Almost everyone will be absent from work at some point due to illness. This may be for a few days or for a longer period. Either way, your health is important, and support is always available.
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Our people matter

We design Imagination resources to complement our locations around the world. Ask us about what’s available in your region.

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