ESWIN Computing Pairs SiFive CPU, Imagination GPU and In House NPU in Latest RISC-V Edge Computing SoC

Combining IP from two RISC-V leaders with an independently developed NPU brings advanced AI acceleration and rich user interfaces to ESWIN Computing’s EIC77 Series SoCs.

Today, Beijing ESWIN Computing Technology Co. (hereinafter referred to as ESWIN Computing), together with Imagination Technologies and SiFive, reveal that the graphics and compute acceleration inside ESWIN Computing’s EIC77 Series SoCs are underpinned by the seamless integration of GPU IP from Imagination, CPU IP from SiFive and the independently developed NPU from ESWIN Computing. 

“In the AI era, with vast opportunities to reshape thousands of industries, ESWIN Computing is building the future of intelligent computing based on RISC-V,” stated Bo Wang, the Vice Chairman of ESWIN Computing. “Computing power is the driving force of AI and we designed the EIC77 Series SoCs to meet the diverse computational requirements of various application scenarios. By combining powerful RISC-V processors from SiFive with a compute-focused GPU from Imagination and our independently developed high-performance NPU, ESWIN Computing have developed a series of outstanding products in the fields of edge computing, AI PC, AI acceleration, and other fields.” 

The EIC77 Series was first unveiled in early 2024, encompassing the single-die RISC-V edge computing SoCs EIC7700 and its higher computing power version EIC7700X, as well as the dual-die RISC-V AI PC ICs EIC7702 and its higher computing power version EIC7702X. EIC7700X will feature inside a development platform that is coming to the market in August 2024, SiFive’s HiFive Premier P550 Development Board.  Specifically, the EIC7700X features: 

  • A quad-core SiFive Performance P550 core complex running at 1.4GHz+ (up to 1.8GHz) with a thirteen-stage, triple-issue, out-of-order pipeline based on the RISC-V RV64GBC ISA. 
  • A high efficiency IMG A-Series GPU that provides the optimum balance of fill rate and compute in a compact silicon area.  Its 128-wide superscalar ALU (arithmetic logic unit) with dedicated AI pipelines deliver up to 0.25 TFLOPS, 1 TOPS and 8 Gpixels performance. 
  • An independently developed NPU accelerator from ESWIN Computing that delivers 19.95 INT8 TOPS, 9.975 INT16 TOPS and 9.975 FTPS FP16 compute performance. 
  • High utilization of computing units for DNN inference, up to 590fps ResNet50 and up to 2600fps MobileNetv2. 
  • Up to 8K@25fps video encoding and 8K@50fps video decoding.   
  • High memory capacity, up to 32GB 64-bit LPDDR4/4X/5 

“It is great to see our highest performance CPU cores shipping in premium products with partners like ESWIN, including the new SiFive HiFive Premier P550 development platform.  RISC-V is transforming the AI landscape with products that deliver superior compute density for modern workloads,” says Jack Kang, SiFive’s Senior Vice President of WW Business Development, Sales and Customer Experience (CX). “Tight integration with domain specific accelerators, such as a GPU and NPU, is key to maximising SoC performance. SiFive has long-standing partnerships with major IP vendors such as Imagination to make sure that our mutual customers get to market quickly with winning products.”  

“Combining a RISC-V CPU with a compute-ready GPU and NPU creates an incredibly flexible and capable AI platform,” says James Chapman, Chief Product Officer, Imagination. “Imagination gives system designers the best choice of RISC-V ready GPU IP and our engineering team’s invaluable experience of RISC-V system design minimises complexity for customers building a multi-vendor, heterogeneous SoC.” 

The EIC7700X is on show at the RISC-V Summit Europe in Munich from Tuesday 25 June to Thursday 27 June. Visit the ESWIN Computing booth to learn more. 

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