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Revolutionary scalable Level 4 ray tracing

webinar Details:

11 January, 2023

30 minutes


We are excited to announce the launch of IMG DXT, our flagship ray-tracing capable GPU that is perfect for mobile use cases. In this keynote we will talk about how:

  • we are opening up the market for ray tracing, making it available to all;
  • our new DXT-72-2304-RT3 core is perfect for premium mobile configurations;
  • our new mainstream DXT-8-256 includes our premium features in a smaller package;
  • FSR is important for mobile, and how it combines with ray tracing to reduce the number of rays required in your scene;
  • the features we have included in DXT will help game developers improve quality, performance, and energy efficiency.

About the speaker

Stephen Barton, Director of Product Management, Imagination Technologies

Stephen Barton is a Director of Product Management at Imagination Technologies with a focus on defining the high end graphics roadmap across a variety of different segments from mobile through to automotive.

Prior to moving to Imagination Technologies Stephen was a Product Manager at Arm with a focus on defining the next generation of premium GPUs. He has a specialist interest in graphics workloads that are running on mobile devices now and in the future.

Before becoming a Product Manager, he was involved in graphics and optimization of graphics workloads, from working on performance analysis tools to researching best practices related to mobile graphics.

Stephen holds a BSC degree in Computer Science from Manchester University.