img dxD gpu

The high-performance GPU IP for cloud gaming with DirectX support

webinar Details:

7 November, 2023

27 minutes


We are excited to announce the launch of IMG DXD, our flagship cloud-gaming and desktop GPU. In this keynote we will talk about:

  • The cloud gaming market segment and its opportunities
  • A demonstration of the B-Series in silicon for cloud gaming with numerous uses per core
  • The mass-market ecosystem enabled by DirectX 11_0 FL
  • The new DXD-72-2304 with 2.25x the per core performance versus the B-Series
  • The innovative features that enable significant additional performance efficiency gains

About the speaker

Kristof Beets, Vice President of Technology Insights, Imagination Technologies

Kristof Beets is VP of Technology Insights at Imagination Technologies where he drives the alignment of the technology roadmaps with market trends and customer needs as part of the IMG Labs Research organisation. He has a background in electrical engineering and received a master’s degree in artificial intelligence