Imagination Catapult:

The RISC-V CPU Cores

Hosted by Naresh Menon

webinar Details:

1 June, 2022

17 minutes


Imagination has over 25 years of experience in designing and licensing market-leading IP processor solutions. Our portfolio consists of graphics, AI and Ethernet IP which delivers security, high performance and low-power consumption in the smallest silicon area but now we are adding our RISC-V family of products following similar design ideologies called Catapult.

These new CPUs are going to be targeting multiple markets like Consumer, Storage, Automotive, Data-Centre/Desktop and applications like 5G, ADAS, AV and many more. They are going to be built using the same strong foundations which were used to build our existing IPs. The addition of the CPUs will also bring to life heterogeneous solutions in the future which will be available for different compute levels.

This presentation will give you a sneak peek of what kind of CPUs Imagination is going to be offering in the coming years and how we are going to enrich the broad and growing RISC-V market space.

About the speaker

Naresh Menon, Director of Product Management, Imagination Technologies

Naresh Menon has been with Imagination Technologies as Director of Product Management, CPU defining the RISC-V CPU roadmap and the CPU direction of travel. He has over 16 years of previous experience with Arm building CPUs and working in their architecture group.

Naresh is currently engaging with customers regarding Imagination’s upcoming CPU products and helping build CPUs for different markets and applications which will also be feeding into the future Imagination heterogeneous compute solution.