05 August 2021

Ray tracing in your pocket, closer than you think

1 August 2021, 00:00:00 - 32 minutes

Ray tracing in your pocket, closer than you think


Ray tracing is the next step forward in-game graphics, it has brought a new wave of realism to the latest PC and console titles and has allowed artists to unlock a new level of detail in their work. Ray tracing has yet to grace the screens of the biggest gaming demographic in the world, mobile gamers.

Ray tracing has been a tough thing to implement even on the biggest, liquid cooled, RGB monster cards, with hundreds of watts of power. It is an even tougher problem when dealing with the restrictions of battery life, low power, and minuscule graphics processors. Kristof Beets, Senior Director of Technical Management, Imagination Technologies talks about the technical details and new ray tracing algorithm concepts that are making mobile ray tracing a reality that we will see sooner rather than later.


Attendees will learn about the new hardware and software IP and processes that are being used to create a ray tracing algorithm that can provide real-time ray traced lighting and shadows in a mobile form factor.


Learn more about Imagination Ray Tracing here

Download Ray Tracing Levels System white paper here

Presented by: Kristof Beets

Webinar Broadcast Date: 1 August 2021, 00:00:00

Duration: 32 minutes

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