Ray tracing in your pocket,

closer then you think

Hosted by Kristof Beets

webinar Details:

1 August, 2021

32 minutes


Ray tracing is the next step forward in game graphics, it has brought a new wave of realism to the latest PC and console titles and has allowed artists to unlock a new level of detail in their work. Ray tracing has yet to grace the screens of the biggest gaming demographic in the world, mobile gamers.

Ray tracing has been a tough thing to implement even on the biggest, liquid cooled, RGB monster cards, with hundreds of watts of power. It’s an even tougher problem when dealing with the restrictions of battery life, low power and miniscule graphics processors. Kristof Beets, Vice President of Technology Insights, Imagination Technologies talks about the technical details and new ray tracing algorithm concepts that are making mobile ray tracing a reality that we will see sooner rather than later.

Key takeaway

Attendees will learn about the new hardware and software IP and processes that are being used to create a ray tracing algorithm that can provide real-time ray traced lighting and shadows in a mobile form factor.

About the speaker

Kristof Beets, Vice President of Technology Insights at Imagination Technologies

Kristof Beets is VP of Technology Insights at Imagination, where he drives the alignment of the technology roadmaps with market trends and customer needs as part of the IMG Labs Research organisation. He has a background in electrical engineering and received a master’s degree in artificial intelligence. Prior to joining the Labs Team he was part of the Business Development and Product Management Teams. Before this he worked on SDKs and tools for both PC and mobile products and ran the Competitive Analysis and Demo Teams as a member of the PowerVR Developer Relations and Ecosystem Teams.

Kristof has written numerous articles and whitepapers which have been published in the ShaderX and GPU Pro Series of books and online by the Khronos Group, Beyond3D, 3Dfx Interactive and of course Imagination. Kristof has spoken at GDC, SIGGRAPH, Embedded Technology and MWC among others.