Improving Learning Outcomes

For Your Students

Hosted by Robert Owen

webinar Details:

28 May, 2020

45 minutes


The Imagination University Programme – “IUP” – is a significant investment in higher education worldwide.

The programme’s mission is to enable the next generation of Engineers and Programmers to harness new technologies effectively when they move into industry.

Run by a team with experience that began in 1994, the IUP is one of the best-resourced and most focused in the semiconductor business today.

At its heart is an enduring commitment to give today’s Students a highly effective learning process. Genuinely useful teaching materials that develop a solid understanding of the theory and put it into practice in exciting ways, to give a life-long understanding of vital techniques.

Outcomes of joining the webinar:

  • Learn how the IUP can enrich your curricula, offering more satisfying learning outcomes for your students
  • Be better informed of trends in technology, and their effect on the evolution and updating of your courses
  • Join a global community that values teaching excellence: up-to-date, high quality, and hands-on

About the speaker

Robert Owen, Director of the Imagination University Programme

Robert Owen is the Director of Imagination’s University Programme. It’s a programme with global reach, that empowers Teachers and Students to use Imagination’s exciting technologies in their classes and labs.

Robert held various Sales and Marketing positions at Texas Instruments (“TI”) until he was asked to build their first University Programme in Europe. Sceptical of its value, he agreed to do it temporarily, a tenure which lasted 17 years and during which time it became a worldwide programme! Any student who programmed a TI DSP was probably influenced by Robert’s activities. When he is not travelling, or visiting Universities, he can sometimes be heard pursuing his parallel career as a radio presenter.