Key Features

Ultra-low latency

Low latency improves response time, which can be critical for saving lives on the road. When multiple cores are combined, they can all be dedicated to executing a single task, reducing latency and thus response time by a factor of eight.

Leading safety mechanisms

IMG Series4 incorporates IP-level safety features and is built using a design process that assists customers in achieving ISO 26262 certification. This enables functionally-safe neural network inference without compromising performance.

Stellar bandwidth efficiency

Imagination Tensor Tiling (ITT) efficiently packages up tensors into tiles, which are then processed in groups for which all the intermediate data is stored in local on-chip memory, minimising data transfers between layers of the network.

Multi-core flexibility

Multi-core allows for flexible allocation and synchronisation of workloads across the cores. Imagination’s software, which provides fine-grained control and increases flexibility through batching, can now be exploited across any number of cores.

Data Centre

Graphics-rich applications such as cloud based gaming or content creation on data centre services where cost management is key.

Entry level ADAS

Vehicles targeting L1 “feet free” style ADAS workloads, such as Cruise Control.

Full Features & Specs

Headline Features
  • Imagination Tensor Tiling
  • Lossless weight compression
  • Low latency
  • High-density neural network acceleration
  • Wide and variable bit-depth (4 to 16 bits)
  • Dynamic fixed-point data type
  • Per filter exponent selection
  • Memory Management Unit
  • Wide range of elementwise unit operations
  • Embedded configurable on-chip memory
API support
Framework support
  • Caffe
  • TensorFlow
  • ONNX
Bus interface
  • AXI4
Memory system
  • Virtual memory


  • 25 TOPS
MACs per clock rate
  • 8-bit: 4096 MAC/clk per core
  • 16-bit: 1024 MAC/clk per core

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