Sharpening your competitive edge

Our vision is to be the undisputed leader in semiconductor IP solutions that transform billions of lives.

Why Imagination?

At Imagination, we solve complex problems by creating innovative technologies that help our partners to succeed.

We pride ourselves on empowering our partners to deliver innovation that inspires new products, and we thrive on high volume opportunities.

To put simply, we’re motivated to work in close partnership with our customers – developing relationships and provide the expertise needed to address specific markets with success. Every time.

Our core values

At Imagination, we understand the importance of having clear and shared values. Values are the platform on which everything else is built.

Here, we all share the same five core values that we have embedded into our culture and DNA.

We are customer first, to ensure we bring success and satisfaction. We are a family and are respectful to our colleagues and customers. We strive to innovate with new and forward-thinking solutions. We’re straightforward and are always humble, ethical, open, and constructive with colleagues and customers. Here at Imagination, we are committed. We deliver what we say, when we say, to the highest standard.

We believe in these values and bring them to life and put them at the heart of everything we do.

Our values place our customers at the centre of everything we do.

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I think values are essential to any company that wants to create something truly great, something that we can all feel proud of.

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Simon Beresford-Wylie

Chief Executive Officer

Life at Imagination

Our products and technology

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PowerVR graphics processors enable a cutting-edge, power-efficient, and flexible solution for all forms of multimedia processing, including 3D and 2D graphics as well as high-performance GPU compute all in the same unified engine.
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We are creating new RISC-V CPUs, built on our extensive history of patented CPU developments. Our segment-focused CPU solutions combine specific software and features to address some of the biggest challenges in computing today.
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From the devices in our pockets to the cars we drive AI is everywhere. Our neural network accelerators, combined with our powerful software tools, raise the bar for inferencing performance for embedded devices.
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Ray Tracing

We are pioneers in the field of ray tracing, the next-gen technology that mimics the behaviour of light in the real world to deliver amazing photorealistic graphics. Our hybrid, low-power IP is the most advanced solution in the market.
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Pushing the boundaries of what's possible

Our customers are some of the most successful and innovative electronics companies in the world.

They choose to work with us because they recognise the innovation in our R&D, the expertise of our people, and the differentiation our IP provides.

It’s our partnership that guarantees success in their chosen market.

Lower your costs; increase your revenue

Chip manufacturers must choose between developing the technology themselves or purchasing ready-to-use IP. Through partnership with Imagination, you can leverage our 30+ years of experience and accelerate your time to market, optimise performance and power with our low-bandwidth and power-efficient designs, and avoid costly investments in patent-protected designs by reducing your total cost of ownership.

With Imagination, you can future-proof your strategy while also receiving a best-in-class user experience, building a strong relationship with us and our industry partners.

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