The smallest GPU to support HDR user interfaces

Small GPU; Big Impact

Imagination continues to invest in efficient GPUs that improve user experiences across a wide range of consumer devices. IMG CXM is Imagination’s latest, highly efficient GPU, available in a variety of configurations to ensure the best fit for an a range of use cases.

CXM is feature-rich and the market’s smallest GPU that supports HDR UI, allowing OEMs to provide users with the enriching visual experience they have come to expect at a lower cost and with greater design flexibility.

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Saving power with TFBCv2

Watch our demo which shows Imagination’s IMG CXM saving power and memory bandwidth via IMG CXM, with our Tiny Frame Buffer Compression v2 in action

Why choose IMG CXM?

Gesture recognition

IMG CXM's small footprint opens space on the chip for SoC providers to combine its GPU compute capabilities with additional AI hardware to bring advanced functions, like gesture recognition.

Efficiency enhanced

IMG CXM offers a wide range of performance points, including 1-4PPC, 16-128 FLOPS, and an area-efficient base configuration.

Expert support

Imagination only succeeds when our customers succeed. We offer tailored support for integrating Imagination IP into a product, as well as access to a regularly updated DDK and our comprehensive suite of developer tools.

IMG CXM applications

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Content providers are finding new ways to differentiate themselves, such as by developing 4K HDR GUIs. DTV/STB GPUs must now support these features while also acknowledging the market’s cost sensitivity. IMG CXM can help make this a reality because it is the smallest GPU on the market that supports HDR.
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When an entire device fits on a wrist, size is the overwhelming design consideration. Wearable GPUs are the most power- and area-efficient on the market while still delivering a user interface that responds smoothly. IMG CXM has enhanced bandwidth management, enabling an improved user experience in the smallest possible space.
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Smart Home

The smart home hub is evolving by incorporating screens and offering a rich multimedia experience. For market success, these devices need responsive user interfaces, complete with AI functions such as voice and gesture recognition. CXM has a small footprint, allowing SoC providers to combine our GPU with additional AI capabilities to meet consumer needs.

Imagination launches the smallest GPU to bring effortless user interfaces into homes

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“The RISC-V ecosystem is growing rapidly. To continue its growth and showcase the many possible ways it can be deployed, we partnered with Imagination to provide a quick and easy path to validated GPU and CPU IP blocks that can reduce SoC design time, risk, and cost for our customers. With Imagination’s flexibly designed GPU, and our AndesCoreTM high-performance, low-power RISC-V CPU, we are able to satisfy the requirements for display-oriented SoC in a short time and generate the optimum configuration.”

Dr. Charlie Su

CTO and President of Andes Technology

Cinematic user interfaces

Content providers are becoming more ambitious and now want to align the look and feel of their application’s user interface with their cinematic content by integrating advanced features such as 4K and HDR. IMG CXM is enabling this step change with its native support for HDR while being the smallest GPU to do so, thus enabling device manufacturers to keep costs low while delivering seamless visuals.
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Smoother images

IMG CXM GPUs now support 10-bit RGBA and YUV, which deliver an HDR graphical user interface, supplying images with less visible banding. More bits per pixel equates to higher quality and a more attractive UI. This enhanced feature aligns SoC and device vendors with the platform and content providers to deliver a better end-user experience.

Advanced bandwidth management

TFBCv2 is the new state-of-the-art compression technology based on Imagination’s Tiny Frame Buffer Compression. It delivers higher-quality lossy and lossless compression and brings an additional compression level (37.5%), allowing for flexibility in design. This enables the device vendors to deliver an improved user experience at a lower cost.

Other GPUs from Imagination


Part of Imagination’s multi-core B-Series range. IMG BXM offers a range of high-efficiency performance cores providing an optimal balance of fill rate and compute in a compact silicon area for mid-range mobile gaming and complex UI solutions for DTV and other markets.

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IMG DXT evolves the Photon architecture to deliver the next level of performance efficiency, while also offering ray tracing in several configurations and performance points. This means that manufacturers looking to deliver a ray-tracing capable device at a lower cost can take a half-RAC per SPU while still providing the ultimate mobile visual experience. DXT offers single, dual, triple and quad-RAC configurations.

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With PowerVR Photon Architecture delivers real time ray tracing in the palm of your hand, IMG CXT is a sweetspot core for premium mobile devices. CXT enables advanced effects like ray traced soft shadows, reflections and global illumination to create beautifully realistic game worlds, previously reserved for the highest level desktop GPUs.

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The GPU of choice for RISC-V

IMG CXM is supported by cutting-edge software that supports the latest API trends, including Vulkan 1.3, and has been optimised for RISC-V as a target application processor. Imagination GPUs are the perfect addition to RISC-V projects and are already shipping on multiple boards available today.
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What is IMG CXM?

IMG CXM is Imagination’s latest, highly efficient GPU range, with multiple configurations available to enable the right fit for a range of use cases. CXM GPUs boast nearly 50% more performance in the same silicon area than IMG BXM cores. GPUs are important for consumer devices because users now expect a similar graphics experience on their smartphones.

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