Ray tracing 

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Revolutionary, scalable Level 4 ray tracing

An evolution for mobile graphics

At Imagination, we’re constantly improving the graphics performance of our GPUs and improving visual quality with ray tracing. IMG DXT is Imagination’s ground-breaking ray-tracing GPU that scales to enable cutting-edge graphics for all mobile device users, delivering even higher performance and power efficiency while bringing affordable and usable ray tracing into the mainstream.

DXT offers everything a customer could want in a GPU for next-generation, game-ready mobile devices. Learn more about our PowerVR Photon, the world’s first mobile-optimized ray tracing architecture, and the new DXT features by downloading our white paper.

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Bring immersive visuals to mobile

Watch our demo which shows how FSR and ray tracing combine to great effect on mobile.

Why choose IMG DXT?

High-quality gaming visuals

Thanks to scalable ray tracing, dual rate texturing and ASTC HDR support, IMG DXT is able to achieve a top-class gaming experience and high-quality visuals.

Better battery life

Through FSR (Fragment Shading Rate) and micro-architectural improvements, IMG DXT can help preserve your battery, and allow it to last far longer than usual.

Smoother performance

IMG DXT can effortlessly make performance smoother thanks to FSR (Fragment Shader Rate), 50% more ALU/TPU per SPU, pipelined data masters, and a RISC-V processor. All of this combined guarantees a far smoother performance on your device.

IMG DXT GPU unlocks scalable, premium ray tracing for all mobile gamers

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“Imagination is a partner of OPPO in O3DF’s Mobile Device Working Group and we are working closely together to optimise performance for next-gen GPU architectures. IMG DXT brings new opportunities to integrate market-leading, realistic graphics across smartphone ranges, unlocking ray tracing and FSR for more mobile gamers. We look forward to working with Imagination on building out the O3DE mobile renderer and enabling developers to take full advantage of this game-changing, open-source technology.”

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Hansen Hong

Director of Software Technology Planning at Oppo

Scalable ray tracing

IMG DXT offers ray tracing in several configurations and performance points using its ray acceleration cluster (RAC). This means that manufacturers looking to deliver a ray-tracing capable device at a lower cost can take a half-RAC per SPU to provide the ultimate mobile visual experience. DXT offers single, dual, triple and quad-RAC configurations.

Compared to our previous generation with the same configuration, DXT delivers usable ray tracing at up to 40% lower area cost.

FSR onFSR off

Fragment shading rate and ray tracing – a perfect partnership

IMG DXT provides developers with performance headroom thanks to Fragment Shading Rate (FSR). FSR reduces the number of fragments processed while significantly increasing graphics performance with minimal impact on visual quality. FSR improves ray-traced effects by sending fewer rays into the scene.

This means that realistic lights and shadows can be achieved with a smaller silicon area, allowing developers to make the most of ray tracing even with half or single-RAC configurations. Developers can choose how aggressively they use FSR and balance how games use hardware to deliver the best visual experience.

2D Dual-Rate Texturing

Many cutting-edge games rely on texture-sampling heavy filter effects. IMG DXT GPUs have a special mode inside their texture processing unit (TPU) that detects these algorithms and doubles their execution rate.

This result of this “fast path” for post-processing effects is a doubling of bilinear filtering performance, which can be used for tasks such as image processing, or advanced ray tracing.

Level up with DXT

Not all ray tracing solutions are the same.

Our Photon-architecture-based design is the only ray tracing architecture on the market that sits at Level 4 on the Ray Tracing Levels System (RTLS). Which means it delivers its market-leading visuals in the most power-efficient manner available in the industry.

With DXT, mobile gamers will get a powerful GPU that delivers the highest quality alongside great battery life.

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Part of Imagination’s multi-core B-Series range, BXT GPUs scale from 1 – 6TFLOPS compute performance and 32 – 128Gpixel/s rendering performance for higher-quality effects and higher-resolution rendering. With up to 30% lower power draw than previous generations, BXT enables solutions that scale from mobile to the cloud.

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IMG CXM is the smallest GPU to support HDR user interfaces. It is a highly efficient, feature-rich GPU that enables consumer technology creators to provide enriching visual experiences at a lower cost and with more design flexibility.  

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With PowerVR Photon Architecture delivers real time ray tracing in the palm of your hand, IMG CXT is a sweetspot core for premium mobile devices. CXT enables advanced effects like ray traced soft shadows, reflections and global illumination to create beautifully realistic game worlds, previously reserved for the highest level desktop GPUs.

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What is IMG DXT?

IMG DXT is Imagination’s groundbreaking ray-tracing GPU that scales to unlock cutting-edge graphics for all mobile device users, delivering even greater performance levels and power efficiency while bringing affordable and usable ray tracing into the mainstream.

DXT offers everything a customer might need in a GPU for them to integrate it into their next-generation game-ready mobile devices.

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IMG DXT 是 Imagination 颇具突破性的光线追踪 GPU,可为所有移动设备用 户带来顶尖的图形处理效果。提供更高的性能水平和能效,同时将价格合理 且可用的光线追踪带入主流设备中。
DXT为客户提供一切可能需要的 GPU 特性,以便将其集成到下一代游戏移动设备中。