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The automotive revolution

We are on the cusp of an automotive revolution. The demand for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) is set to triple by 2027 and still the industry is already looking to move beyond this to full self-driving cars.

Current technology deployed for testing and developing autonomous driving are physically large and very power-hungry, yet they are also underpowered in terms of performance. For large-scale commercial deployment what’s needed is an “edge” solution that offers:
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Automotive Safety

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Ultra-Low Latency

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Power Efficiency

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Multi-Core Flexibility

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Ultra-High Performance

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The IMG Series4

IMG Series4 is a ground-breaking neural network accelerator (NNA) for the automotive industry to enable ADAS and autonomous driving. With its incredible high performance at ultra-low latency, architectural efficiency and safety features, it has what is needed for large-scale commercial implementation.

Imagination is working with leading players and innovators in the automotive industry and the multi-core IP has already been licensed. Contact us to start your journey with IMG today.

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Imagination and Visidon Oy partner to power the transition to deep-learning-based super resolution for embedded applications across mobile, DTV and automotive markets

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“Power efficiency and high performance are two of the main pillars that Visidon builds its solutions on. We were surprised to see our deep-learning networks run so easily on Imagination’s IMG Series4 NNA and we were impressed with the overall power efficiency maintained while processing high compute workloads. We look forward to our partnership evolving as we unlock the future of AI-powered super resolution technology together.”

Matt Niskanen


Multi-core scalability and flexibility

Key to the incredible performance of the IMG Series4 is its multi-core capability. Available in configurations of 2, 4, 6, or 8 cores per cluster, multi-core allows for flexible allocation and synchronisation of workloads across the cores. In combination with Imagination’s software, which provides fine-grained control, multiple workloads can now be executed across any number of cores in the cluster.

Ultra-low latency

Low latency enhances response time, and, on the road, this can be critical to saving lives. By combining the cores in an 8-core cluster, they can all be dedicated to executing a single task, reducing latency, and therefore response time, by a factor of eight.

Incredible performance

Maintaining high levels of utilisation with tera operations per second (TOPS) is a key metric for determining neural network performance. Thanks to its multi-core scalability, IMG Series4 outperforms other solutions on the market by an order of magnitude, with industry-leading performance metrics.

A single IMG Series4 core can deliver up to 12.5 TOPS per core at 1.2GHz in 7nm, and can be arranged in a cluster of 2, 4, 6, or 8 cores, which can be laid down in multiple clusters. An 8-cluster core is 100 TOPS and six of these laid out on a single SoC would therefore deliver 600 TOPS.

Depending on configuration, the IMG Series4 is over 100x faster than using a GPU for AI acceleration and 1000x faster than using a CPU.


Faster than a GPU


Faster than a CPU

Power and bandwidth efficiency

Power efficiency is at the heart of all Imagination designs. The low silicon area IMG Series4 delivers its incredible performance of 12.5 TOPS per core at less than a watt – industry leading performance.

IMG Series4 delivers phenomenal bandwidth efficiency. Processing tensors, the complex 3D maths performed inside a neural network, requires going out to memory and back across the bus. This takes time, consumes memory bandwidth, and absorbs power.

New for IMG Series4 is Imagination Tensor Tiling (ITT) patent-pending technology that solves this problem. It efficiently packages up tensors into blocks, which are then processed in local on-chip memory. This greatly minimises data transfers between layers of the network, reducing bandwidth by up to an incredible 90%.

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Advanced Signal Processing and FFT

We present novel techniques for executing signal processing operations such as frequency domain transforms, spectrogram generation, and mel-frequency cepstral coefficients (MFCC) extraction using massively parallel operations supported by IMG Series4 neural network accelerators (NNA). By enabling the execution of a wide variety of such operations on our NNAs, we allow audio and signal preprocessing tasks, that would otherwise have to be executed elsewhere in the system, to be executed on the same device as the neural network, which has potential to reduce overall bandwidth, power and latency requirements.
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Leading safety mechanisms

IMG Series4 includes IP-level safety features and is built using a design process that help customers to achieve certification to ISO 26262, the industry safety standard that addresses risk in automotive electronics. Via hardware safety mechanisms that protect the compiled network, the execution of the network and the data-processing pipeline, IMG Series4 enables functionally-safe neural networks inferencing, without impacting performance.

IMG Series4 core families

IMG Series4 next-generation neural network accelerator (NNA) is ideal for advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous vehicles such as robotaxis. The range of cores incorporates sophisticated technical features including Imagination Tensor Tiling, advanced safety mechanisms and intelligent workload management.

Imagination’s three-pronged automotive solution

Automotive requires heterogeneous compute solutions: CPU, GPU, NNA and networking. The IMG Series4 NNA thus forms part of Imagination’s three-pronged approach to automotive solutions.


Low-power multi-core GPUs with unprecedented performance and the industry’s first to be built using ISO 26262 certifiable processes.
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Performance-ceiling busting low-power, low-area neural network accelerators that brings the automotive industry the performance it needs to enable true self-driving.
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Advanced, low-power, high-performance networking to enable next-gen automotive solutions.
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IMG Series4 is a ground-breaking neural network accelerator for the automotive industry to enable ADAS and autonomous driving.

What is the IMG Series4 NNA?

IMGIMG Series4 is a ground-breaking neural network accelerator for the automotive industry to enable ADAS and autonomous driving. Find out why IMG Series4 fulfils the remit needed for large scale commercial implementation and why it is becoming the industry-standard platform of choice for the deployment of advanced driver assistance and self-driving cars.

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IMG 4系列NNA介绍?

IMG 4系列NNA是汽车行业具备突破性的神经网络加速器,可实现 ADAS 和自动驾驶。