What is the IMG Series4 NNA?

IMG Series4 is a ground-breaking neural network accelerator (NNA) for the automotive industry to enable ADAS and autonomous driving.

Current systems deployed for testing and developing autonomous driving are physically large and very power-hungry, yet they are also underpowered in terms of performance.

As such, they are not suitable for large scale commercial deployment, where power consumption is a significant issue, particularly in electric cars. What is required is an “edge” solution that offers:

• Very high performance
• Low latency
• Power efficiency

Meeting, and indeed exceeding these demands, Series 4 is set to become the edge platform of choice for the automotive industry. The key metric for neural network accelerators is the number of tera operations per second (TOPS) that can be performed.

Current shipping solutions top out at 72 TOPS. The Series4 is a multi-core solution that can scale beyond 600 TOPS: it is a beyond next-gen solution.