Key Features

Lossless weight compression

Complementing its low-bit depth support, Series3NX products features a lossless weight compression scheme that reduces network model sizes and bandwidth thus increasing overall performance.

Low power consumption

Series3NX products delivers neural network acceleration with low power consumption.

Flexible bit-depth support

Serving as a flexible solution, Series3NX products support neural network bit depths from 16-bit down to 4-bit, reducing bandwidth and increasing performance without compromising inference accuracy.

Security enablement

IMG Series3NX products integrate with the industry-leading security architectures with a flexible infrastructure that enables integration into custom solutions – allowing rightholders to protect their content where required.


High frame rates and engaging immersive experiences across gaming, socialising, exploring and business applications.

Premium ADAS

Vehicles targeting L2+ “hands free” and beyond ADAS features and flexible coverage of both graphics and compute tasks.

Full Features & Specs

Headline Features
  • Security enablement
  • Lossless weight compression
API support
  • Android NN HAL
Framework Support
  • Caffe
  • TensorFlow
  • ONNX
Bus interface
  • AXI4
Memory system
  • Virtual Memory
  • 12.5 TOPS
MACs per clock rate
  • 8-bit: 4096 MACs/clk
  • 16-bit: 1024 MACs/clk
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