Graphics processor technologies are the de-facto standard for mobile and embedded GPUs.

Where high performance and power efficiency meet

PowerVR Series9XTP is designed to deliver high-performance, complex graphics within strict power budgets. Based on the optimised Furian architecture, it enables SoC designers to deliver solutions that offer the highest graphics performance per watt, bringing next-generation, cutting-edge visual experiences into the hands of consumers.

Augmented & virtual reality

From the entertainment and gaming industry to industrial and medical fields, AR and VR are redefining how we interact with the world around us. PowerVR Series9XTP enables manufacturers to build devices that are graphical powerhouses, yet offer the long battery life and lightweight design that will make AR and VR mainstream propositions.

Premium mobile devices

Device manufacturers continue to demand more performance to power the high resolution, large displays featured in premium smartphones and tablets. At the same time, consumers desire products that are thin, yet also offer great battery life. With increased performance per milliwatt over the previous generation the PowerVR Series9XTP is the ideal solution for these high-end devices.


The latest digital dashboards feature high-resolution, 3D cityscapes for satnav and physically-based rendering for accurate surround-view car models. The PowerVR Series9XTP has the performance to generate these in real-time to bring next-gen premium automotive experiences to life.

Telechips selects PowerVR GPU for Automotive

PowerVR Series9XTP has been selected by Telechips, a global fabless semiconductor company for connectivity and multimedia in automotive and smart homes, for use in its in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) and vehicle cockpit solutions.
Telechips CI White mg

Architectural enhancements

PowerVR Series9XTP is designed to maximise performance in real-world applications. Architectural improvements enable a range of new configurations, including a new 40-pipeline wide ALU option, as well as a choice two or three clusters per SPU. New PVRIC4 image compression technology delivers a guaranteed 50% system bandwidth and memory footprint saving.

Delivering on features

PowerVR Series9XTP features Imagination’s groundbreaking PVRIC4™ to provide visually lossless texture compression, guaranteeing a 50% reduction in system bandwidth and memory footprint, delivering valuable cost savings to SoC manufacturers. Full support for the latest API standards such as OpenGL ES 3.2, Vulkan 1.1 and the Android Neural Networks API, provides developer flexibility and the most efficient use of hardware to maximise performance.


Along with its superior graphics, PowerVR Series9XTP offers robust virtualization with no loss of performance making it an ideal proposition for enterprise use. It provides the flexibility to run isolated, secure workloads on a power-efficient system. It also enables automotive SoCs to run safety-critical dashboard and infotainment systems from a single GPU.

Software & tools support

PowerVR Series9XTP offers support for the latest APIs, including OpenGL ES 3.2, Vulkan 1.1, OpenCL 2.0, Renderscript and the Android NN HAL. In addition, Imagination provides developers with free access to the cross-platform PowerVR SDK and tools, designed to support all aspects of 3D graphics and GPU compute application development.

Mobile, tablet and convertible

With improved performance density over the previous generation, PowerVR Series9XTP enables the design of thinner and lighter devices with greater sustained performance and reduced power consumption. It also offers more compute capability for powering next-gen AI experiences.

Workload flexibility

The ability to isolate long-running compute workloads on a single Shader Processing Unit (SPU) provides car OEMs with greater flexibility. ADAS functions can be run on one SPU, while other tasks such as infotainment and cluster can be run on the second, using prioritising mechanisms to ensure performance targets are reached.

Smarter GPUs for intelligent products

The PowerVR Series3NX neural network accelerator (NNA) is a standalone AI solution, and makes an ideal partner for the Series9 GPUs. Combined, they enable the deployment of low-power, high-performance AI-ready SoCs all within the same silicon footprint as competing standalone GPUs.

An extensive ecosystem of tools and support

PowerVR GPU technology is driven by one of the world’s largest engineering teams dedicated to graphics processor development. It is complemented by Imagination’s PowerVR Insider ecosystem, which provides extensive support and tools to an extensive and vibrant community of developers, who have already created hundreds of thousands of apps optimised for PowerVR powered devices.

Design Optimisation Kits

To help our customers achieve the best possible implementation in the shortest possible time, we offer Design Optimisation Kits. They are a complete solution comprised of IP, libraries from partners, optimised reference floorplans and flows developed by us.

PowerVR SDK and Tools

Including a cross-platform OS and API abstraction layer, as well as a library of helper tools for maths and resource loading. It also features optimised example applications to demonstrate the most efficient ways of implementing common 3D graphics effects on PowerVR GPUs.

PowerVR Tools

Our suite of utilities is designed to enable rapid graphics application development. It targets a range of areas, including asset exporting and optimisation, PC emulation, prototyping environments, online and off-line performance, analysis tools and more.

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