Join us for an informative webinar series on all things CPU and RISC-V

A RISC-V deep dive

Our expert speakers, who hold key leadership positions in the RISC-V community, are here to provide valuable insights into the architecture’s benefits and applications, helping you navigate its adoption with confidence.

Don’t miss this chance to learn from industry leaders and get your questions answered. Secure your interest and learn about each webinar below.

APXM-6200 Introduction

Speakers: Shreyas Derashri, VP of Compute, Imagination Technologies; Board Member of RISC-V International and RISE & Matt Bubis, Director of Product Management, Imagination Technologies

When: Thursday 20 June, 9:30AM 

In this talk, you can learn about: 

  • The RISC-V standard, and why you should consider it for your next CPU 
  • Imagination’s experience in RISC-V development 
  • Whether Imagination’s new application processor, APXM-6200, is a good fit for your next project, with details on its performance, security solution and software offering. 

Profiling and Debugging RISC-V Platforms 

Speaker: Chris Owen, Senior Principal Software Engineer, Imagination Technologies 

When: Friday 12 July, 4:30PM

Catapult SDK (providing build and debug tools) and the Catapult Studio extension pack for Visual Studio Code (providing an Integrated Development Environment) combine to form the best freely-available build, debug and profiling system for software development on a wide range of RISC-V platforms.  They can be downloaded free from the Imagination website and from the Visual Studio Code marketplace. 

In this live demonstration, users can find out how to get started using these tools and making use of all their features. 

RISC-V Security and Global Platform TEE

Speaker: Nicholas Wood, Senior Principal Security Architect, Imagination Technologies; RISC-V International Security Horizontal Committee 

When: Monday 22 July, 9:30AM

A CPU must deliver unimpeachable security so as to protect homes and businesses from malicious cyber activities, and to protect supply chains. In this talk you can learn: 

  • RISC-V’s approach to delivering on security 
  • How to deploy Global Platform TEE systems on APXM-6200 CPU and RISC-V architecture 
  • The security architecture of the Imagination APXM-6200 CPU 


Speaker: Kenneth Rovers, Senior Principle Hardware Architect, Imagination Technologies; Chair, RISC-V International Floating Point SIG

When: Friday August 9, 4:30PM

Nearly all devices of the future require the ability to run AI workloads performantly and efficiently. In this talk, you can learn: 

  • RISC-V’s approach to developing a competitive AI architecture 
  • AI-focused features within the RISC-V standard 
  • The AI capabilities of specific RISC-V CPUs