Profiling and Debugging 

Part of our RISC-V CPU Webinar Series

Webinar Details:

12 July, 2024

30 minutes


Catapult SDK (providing build and debug tools) and the Catapult Studio extension pack for Visual Studio Code (providing an Integrated Development Environment) combine to form the best freely-available build, debug and profiling system for software development on a wide range of RISC-V platforms.  They can be downloaded free from the Imagination website and from the Visual Studio Code marketplace. 

In this live demonstration, users can find out how to get started using these tools and making use of all their features. 

Please see a recording of the webinar below.


  • Chris Owen, Senior Principal Software Engineer, Imagination Technologies 


Friday 12 July, 4:30PM (BST) / 8:30AM (PT)

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