The next evolution of the CPU market

RTXM-2200 is the first core from the Catapult range. It’s a highly scalable real-time, deterministic, 32-bit embedded CPU, that is feature-rich and flexible in design for mainstream devices. It’s the ideal solution for markets such as cellular base stations, networking solutions for data transfer, packet management and storage controllers. It can also be used as a helper core in complex SoCs.

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Architectures: CPU Technology

Performance: Mid-High Performance Embedded Core

Markets: Networking, Packet Management, Smart Metering, SoC Helpers, Storage Controllers

  • 32-bit dual issue 11 stage pipeline
  • Optional Single Precision Floating point support
  • BFloat16 support for A/I and ML applications
  • Supports Zifenci and Zicsr extensions
  • Configurable L1 Instruction and Data Caches up to 128KB
  • Configurable Instruction and Data Tight Coupled Memories up to 128KB
  • Configurable Interrupts
  • B extension for improved code density
OS Support
  • FreeRTOS support available as part of Catapult SDK
Bus interface
  • AXI4
Memory system
  • Physical Memory Protection
  • Configurable regions up to 16