Ultra-small, high performance, secure, and AI ready application processor

Key Features

Security ecosystem

Designed from conception to work within industry standard security systems. Based on RISC-V Supervisor Domains, the APXM-6200 leverages ratified RISC-V extensions to provide a complete security solution from secure boot through to trusted execution.

Performance density

APXM-6200 offers best-in-class performance for its target consumer and industrial workloads, delivering a 2.5x improvement over industry leading cores. Choose between single-, dual- and quad-core configurations, with cache coherency and per-core power control for maximum system efficiency.

Artificial Intelligence

With RISC-V Vector Extensions, features for fast data coupling with AI accelerators, and improved AI workload performance when operating alongside Imagination GPUs, APXM-6200 is ready to support the growing demand for AI compute.

Software ecosystem

APXM-6200's development has included rigorous software ecosystem development across its use-case software stacks. This provides assurance that customers can integrate the CPU seamlessly within their product with the knowledge that end users achieve optimum performance across their workloads.

Use Cases


High frame rates and engaging immersive experiences across gaming, socialising, exploring and business applications.

Entry level DTV

Smooth graphical user interfaces for 1080p screens that make choosing what show to watch a pleasure.


Efficient and safe computing for communication networks, safe cities and other industrial applications.

Set top box

Highly efficient content streaming experiences for screens from 1080p to beyond 4K.

Smart home

Devices to provide comfort and efficiency in the home through streamlining tasks and enhancing convenience.


Ultra small, ultra low power devices, seamlessly integrating technology into daily life for ultimate convenience and connectivity.

Full Features & Specs

Headline Features

64-bit dual issue 11 Stage pipeline

Up to 4 cores in a complex with cache coherency and per core power control 

Compatible with Static Supervisor Domain Isolation 

Vector and Vector Cryptography 

RISC-V RVA22 Profile 

Single Precision and Double Precision Floating Point 

Advanced Interrupt Architecture with Message Signalled Interrupts and Wire Interrupt Support 

Multi-core debug and multi-core instruction trace 

OS Support



Memory system

Configurable L1 Instruction and Data Caches up to 128KB 

Configurable L2 Cache up to 1MB 

Optional ECC Memory 

Software and tools

Catapult SDK with gcc, LLVM, and gbd support 

Catapult Studio Extension Pack

Vector and DSP Libraries 

Compatible IMG GPU Driver Development Kit 

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Ultra-small, high performance, secure, and AI ready application processor

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