Imagination GPU selected by StarFive for next-generation VisionFive 2 single-board computer

Partnership accelerates RISC-V ecosystem development with cutting-edge GPU performance

London, England – 23rd AugustImagination Technologies IMG BXE GPU IP has been integrated into StarFive’s latest RISC-V single-board computer (SBC), the VisionFive 2. With a proven track record of delivering high-quality semiconductor IP across industries, Imagination’s GPU was selected for the VisionFive 2 as it offers considerable advantages in power, performance, and area (PPA) for cloud, industrial, networking, consumer and automotive applications.

Thomas Xu, CEO, StarFive says: “Balancing performance and efficiency is a difficult task when designing single-board computers, especially when RISC-V compatibility is added to the mix. By choosing Imagination’s GPU IP we’ve managed to successfully navigate these challenges. The IMG BXE GPU integrates seamlessly with StarFive RISC-V JH7110 SoC, significantly enhancing the SBC’s graphics performance. Imagination is a strong partner in our journey to build out the RISC-V ecosystem.”

James Liu, Vice President and General Manager, China, Imagination, says: “As RISC-V development accelerates, we are thrilled to continue our collaboration with StarFive. Together we recognise this architecture’s importance, and we share a common goal of driving ecosystem growth. We are pleased to see StarFive leveraging our GPU’s compatibility with RISC-V to unlock a wide range of SBC implementations across major markets, accelerating innovation and supporting open-source development.”

The IMG BXE GPU offers up to 25% area reduction and 35% bandwidth reduction over Imagination’s previous generation, and up to 2.5x higher fillrate than competing IP cores. The GPU scales from 1 to 16 pixels per clock (PPC), with optimised cores which can easily deliver complex 1080p and 4K UIs for DTV, IoT and smart home devices. The highest specification BXE offers never-before-seen performance for pixel-focused applications, enabling customers to target 8K displays with optimal silicon area.

The VisionFive 2 is the world’s first RISC-V SBC with an integrated GPU. The VisionFive 2 boasts a StarFive JH7110 SoC, running up to 1.5 GHz and featuring a quad-core RISC-V CPU as well as a high-performance GPU. The JH7110 SoC provides an ultimate customer experience in visual processing thanks to the UI rendering technology of its market-leading GPU – the IMG BXE.

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