Enabling high performance with low power, from Desktop to the Cloud.

The Imagination Way

Perfect performance. Perfect Power.

For more than 30 years, we have led the way in GPU compute, time and again delivering the highest performance density per mm2 in the market. Our GPUs utilize tile-based deferred rendering (TBDR), a rendering technique which keeps almost all image processing ‘on-chip’ and minimises memory bandwidth requirements. This delivers outstanding efficiency compared to other GPU solutions.

The XT GPU family

1 x
Multi-Core Performance
1 %
Lower Power
1 x
Fill Rate

Enable your high-performance GPU solution with the fastest GPU IP ever created. Our multi-core architecture enables our customers to link together multiple GPU cores to achieve the highest levels of performance with new configurations to match existing and emerging computing trends. Whether you need a compute-focused core to enable cloud computing or all-round GPU performance to deliver mobile or desktop games through the cloud, we offer an optimised GPU IP solution ideally suited to your needs

The New Desktop

The Imagination GPU density advantage means we can deliver superfast desktop performance while maintaining the PPA advantages that have made us the leaders in mobile and automotive GPU.

The Gaming Cloud

Cloud-based gaming is expanding the range of options for gamers, but power consumption and heat management are key challenges faced by server farms. Our high efficiency GPUs deliver high performance with the lowest power demand and thermal footprint per watt. Our advanced virtualization features make our GPUs ideal for running games 1:1 or 1:many for the most efficient cloud gaming solutions.

OGL, Vulkan and beyond

We have the software you need for success including OpenGL, OpenGL ES and Vulkan API support and advanced developer tools such as PowerVR Carbon, our powerful API tracing and debugging tool and PVRTune, our industry-leading profiling and analysis utility for graphics applications.

Our developer community is vast, and with the Imagination Developer Portal, you can find resources and advice on the best way to utilize the feature-rich PowerVR Tools suite.

Ray Tracing: The Next Level

Imagination’s unique ray tracing architecture contains patented specialist hardware blocks that enable either faster full ray tracing or an efficient hybrid rendering approach that combines traditional rasterisation techniques with ray tracing for realistic lighting, reflections and shadows even on low power mobile devices.

Our highly scalable ray tracing solution enables cutting-edge cloud gaming, delivering stunning visual-effects quality combined with low power consumption delivering the robustness demanded by high-volume cloud gaming environments.

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