Key Features

Do more with multi-core

IMG B-Series offers an optimised GPU IP ideally suited to your needs. B-Series features a multi-core architecture so our customers can link together multiple GPU cores to achieve maximum levels of performance and flexibility.

HyperLane Virtualisation

HyperLane – Imagination’s virtualisation solution – brings another level of flexibility to IMG B-Series. This technology provides eight individual hardware control lanes, each isolated in memory, enabling different tasks to be submitted to the GPU simultaneously for fully secure GPU multitasking.

ISO 26262-capable

IMG BXS GPUs are certifiable as functionally safe up to ASIL-B and come with formal documentation that reduces the burden of qualifying hardware for ISO 26262 at the system level, including items such as a safety manual and case report.

Functionally safe graphics

BXS GPUs include performance optimisations for automotive specific tasks and safety-specific features such as Tile Region Protection to enable an easier transition to the next generation of functionally safe HMIs.

Premium HMI

Luxury graphical user interfaces on dashboard wide displays and engaging entertainment on multiple screens.

Full Features & Specs

Headline features
  • Designed for FuSa applications according to the ISO 26262 development process
  • ASIL-B certifiable
  • Flexible performance scaling with de-centralised multi-core technology and HyperLane virtualisation
  • Specific performance optimisations for automotive applications
  • In-built hardware and software mechanisms for added safety and security
API Support
  • Vulkan 1.3
  • OpenGL ES 3.x/2.0/1.1 + Extensions
  • OpenCL 3.0
  • Android NN HAL
OS Support
  • Linux Consumer
  • Linux
  • Android
Bus Interface
  • AXI
  • ACE-Lite
  • PVRIC (PowerVR Image Compression)
  • PVRTC, ETC and ASTC Support
  • 512 FP32 FLOPs/Clock
Pixels per Clock
  • 16ppc
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