Imagination supports Google Android GPU Inspector

Google improves the developer experience by launching a single Android graphics tool

London, England; 30th April 2020Imagination Technologies announces that it is supporting Google Android Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) Inspector to help developers profile and debug graphics on Android, regardless of the device, using a single tool.

Google Android GPU Inspector is an open-source graphics profiling tool that supports a variety of GPUs. Imagination has been working closely with Google to implement the necessary features in its graphics driver stack to support performance profiling on PowerVR devices.

Imagination’s producer service is shipped as part of the Android graphics driver and provides on request the necessary profiling metrics. Developers using Google Android GPU Inspector will benefit from detailed GPU timing and counter data, facilitating easier analysis of complex GPU workloads on PowerVR GPUs.

Jay Kong, Product Manager, Google, says, “With Android GPU Inspector, developers can easily optimize graphics applications without the need to install custom tools. We’d like to thank the Imagination team for their support and enthusiasm for the Android GPU Inspector.”

Imagination fully supports Android’s updateable driver model and is looking forward to enabling this together with semiconductor and OEM partners to provide end users with the best possible gaming experience on PowerVR enabled devices

Mark Butler, Vice President of Software Engineering PowerVR, Imagination Technologies, says; “The Android GPU Inspector will really enhance the developer experience by providing them with a single tool to easily access the profile and debugging data they need from an Android device. This in turn means that users with devices that include our GPUs will have a better experience, particularly gamers.”

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