Graphics processor technologies are the de-facto standard for mobile and embedded GPUs.

Graphics processors that power iconic products​

PowerVR graphics processors enable a cutting-edge, power-efficient and flexible solution for all forms of multimedia processing, including 3D and 2D graphics as well as high performance GPU compute all in the same unified engine.

Powering the most demanding gaming environments

PowerVR graphics technologies are licensed by world leading companies to power products delivering the best in smartphone, tablet, TV and console apps, including the most advanced user interfaces and highest performance gaming.

An extensive ecosystem of tools and support

PowerVR GPU technology is driven by one of the world’s largest engineering teams dedicated to graphics processor development. It is complemented by Imagination’s PowerVR Insider ecosystem, which provides extensive support and tools to an extensive and vibrant community of developers, who have already created hundreds of thousands of apps optimised for PowerVR powered devices.

Design Optimisation Kits

To help our customers achieve the best possible implementation in the shortest possible time, we offer Design Optimisation Kits. They are a complete solution comprised of IP, libraries from partners, optimised reference floorplans and flows developed by us.

PowerVR SDK and Tools

Including a cross-platform OS and API abstraction layer, as well as a library of helper tools for maths and resource loading. It also features optimised example applications to demonstrate the most efficient ways of implementing common 3D graphics effects on PowerVR GPUs.

PowerVR Tools

Our suite of utilities is designed to enable rapid graphics application development. It targets a range of areas, including asset exporting and optimisation, PC emulation, prototyping environments, online and off-line performance, analysis tools and more.

Shining a Light on Ray Tracing

PowerVR Ray Tracing is a revolutionary 3D graphics technology that mimics how light behaves in the real world to create visuals with astonishing realism, while also enabling developers and content creators to simplify their workflow.

Enhancing infotainment and driver-assist experiences

For more than a decade our GPU cores have been found in the some of the leading automotive application processors from the likes of Renesas, Texas Instruments and Socionext. We have enabled both powerful graphics to drive the increasing screen and resolution needs of the car OEMs coupled with support for leading-edge graphics APIs such as Vulkan and OpenGL ES 3.x.

Breathtaking immersive experiences

VR, AR and MR are emerging technologies that are redefining how we interact with the world around us. From the entertainment and gaming industry to industrial and medical fields, these technologies are expanding the possibilities for visual immersion.

Graphics processors

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IMG B-Series

IMG B-Series takes all of the advances of IMG A-Series, the fastest GPU IP ever created, and offers new configurations with even higher levels of performance. IMG B-Series also delivers new levels of performance for mid-range and entry-level cores. 

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IMG A-Series

A-Series is designed for the best gaming experience on mobile, smart TV and set-top box. Optimisations for power efficiency means it delivers consistent, sustainable frame rates without clock throttling, so gamers can play harder, for longer. A-Series introduces HyperLane Technology and AI Synergy across the entire range.

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PowerVR Series9XEP

The PowerVR Series9XEP GPUs represent the continuing evolution of the Rogue architecture to provide the smallest silicon footprint and power profile. As mobile devices and cars become more sophisticated and capable, end users now demand outstanding graphics capabilities even in cost-sensitive devices. 

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PowerVR Series9XMP

Aimed at the mid-range, PowerVR Series9XMP enables SoC manufacturers to meet rising expectations for low-cost, high-performance designs. Architectural enhancements enable PowerVR Series9XMP to deliver the fillrate and FLOPS performance required for intense gaming and compute tasks.

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PowerVR Series9XTP

PowerVR Series9XTP is designed to deliver high-performance, complex graphics within strict power budgets. Based on an optimised version of the Furian architecture, it enables SoC designers to deliver solutions that offer the highest graphics performance per watt, bringing next-generation, cutting-edge visual experiences into the hands of consumers. 

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PowerVR Series9XE

PowerVR Series9XE family include a new MMU, allowing a greater address range and standard support for 10-bit YUV across the range, without impacting area. Series9XE GPUs deliver the best possible real world user experience for DTVs, set-top boxes, streaming sticks/dongles, automotive infotainment and cluster electronics, and entry-level mobile and tablet devices.

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PowerVR Series9XM

The PowerVR Series9XM family of GPUs benefits from improvements in the memory subsystem, reducing bandwidth by as much as 25% over previous generations to ensure the increased processing power can be fully exploited. Tile Based Deferred Rendering (TBDR) continues to be the most advanced and efficient approach to rendering. 

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PowerVR Series8XT

The Series8XT family of GPU cores is the first based on the Furian architecture. Targeting high-performance SoCs, they are designed to deliver high-resolution, immersive graphics content and data computation within strict power budgets for premium mobile devices and automotive.

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PowerVR Series8XE

The PowerVR Series8XE family of GPUs drives cost reduction in entry-level and mass market devices thanks to a design that has been optimised to deliver the very best user experience within a limited silicon area budget and is based on the proven PowerVR Rogue architecture.

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PowerVR Series8XE Plus

The PowerVR Series8XE Plus family of GPUs enables a step up from entry level parts, whilst maintaining a tight focus on cost reduction. These cores are optimized to deliver the best user experience by combining the fill rate requirements for a great 1080P experience.

Graphics architectures

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IMG A-Series

The new IMG A-Series architecture delivers the latest evolution of the PowerVR TBDR architecture. Fetauring a number of improvements including

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PowerVR Furian

The PowerVR Furian architecture is designed to maintain and widen the performance/mW gap over competing solutions. It is a scalable architecturedesigned to meet a variety of market segments and applications. It ensures ease of implementation and includes support for new sub-14nm process geometries.

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PowerVR Rogue

PowerVR Rogue designs enable our partners to deliver amazing user experiences in devices that range from innovative, ‘natural’ user interfaces to ultra-realistic gaming, as well as enabling new applications never before thought of, from advanced content creation and image processing to sophisticated augmented reality.

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