Key Features

DirectX Support

With its combined support for Vulkan 1.3, OpenGL 4.6, OpenGL ES 3.2, Open CL 3.0 and DirectX 11_0 FL, IMG DXD has hardware based support for the API coverage to run popular PC games as well as other Windows-based applications and mobile titles

RISC-V based firmware

IMG DXD includes a C-programmable RISC-V based firmware processor that handles the front-end scheduling of the GPU. This RISC-V based processor is up to 40% faster at handling GPU management events locally as well as handling low-latency interactions with other system-wide IP blocks.

HyperLane Virtualisation

With Imagination’s HyperLane virtualisation solution, service providers can host multiple gamers on a single IMG DXD-based board, dynamically adjusting performance allocation to enhance service monetization while ensuring user satisfaction.

Data Centre

Graphics-rich applications such as cloud based gaming or content creation on data centre services where cost management is key.

Desktop PC

Popular gaming titles and general productivity workloads on mainstream 1080p PCIe devices.


Efficiency focused general productivity and casual gaming on portable PCs and professional tablets.

Full Features & Specs

Headline features
  • DX11 FL11_0 support
  • Fragment Shading Rate
  • 2D Dual-Rate Texturing
  • Pipelined Data Masters
  • RISC-V Firmware
  • ASTC HDR Support

API Support

  • DX11 D3D FL11_0
  • Vulkan 1.3
  • OpenGL 4.6 via Zink
  • OpenGL ES 3.x/2.0/1.1 + Extensions
  • OpenCL 3.0 FP

OS Support

  • Windows 10
  • Linux Consumer
  • Linux
  • Android

Bus Interface

  • AXI
  • ACE-Lite


  • PVRIC5 Lossless and Lossy Framebuffer Compression
  • ETC and ASTC LDR and HDR Support


  • 4,608 FP32 FLOPs/Clock
  • 8,192 FP16 FLOPs/Clock
  • 18,432 DOT8 Ops/Clock

Pixels per Clock

  • 144ppc Bilinear 3D Textured
  • Up to 288ppc 2D Dual Rate Mode
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