IMG A-Series AXE Graphics Processors
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An Exceptional Leap in Performance

GPU IP core specifically designed for Industrial, IOT and MCU SOC markets. Highly area optimised, up to 30% smaller than previous equivalent performance designs, while maintaining Vulkan API capability as well as OpenGL ES 3.1 and OpenCL Compute. Delivering a tuned feature set for lowest area GUI display solutions by removed area expensive gaming or desktop features. Includes hardware virtualization/security capability with support for 2 OSes/Zones.

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Series: A-Series

Architectures: GPU Technology

Performance: Ultra-Low, Ultra-Low to Entry-Level

Markets: Automotive Applications, Electronic Dashboards, Industrial, Industrial and Medical, Internet of Things, Others, Surveillance, Wearables

API Support
  • Vulkan 1.3
  • OpenGL ES 3.x/2.0/1.1 + Extensions
  • OpenCL 3.0
  • Android NN HAL
OS Support
  • Linux Consumer
  • Linux
  • Android
Bus Interface
  • AXI
  • ACE-Lite

Texture Compression

  • PVRTC and ETC Support

Floating point operations per clock

  • 16 FP32 FLOPs/Clock
  • 32 FP16 FLOPs/Clock
Pixels per Clock
  • 1ppc