Imagination and Telechips drive automotive display diversity with hardware virtualization

Dolphin3 automotive processor with Imagination GPU technology for advanced graphics and compute on show at Embedded World

Imagination Technologies and Telechips, a global fabless semiconductor company for connectivity and multimedia in automotive and smart homes, are showing the future of rich and vivid user interfaces for in-vehicle infotainment (IVI), cockpit and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) at Embedded World 2023.

The Telechips TCC805x (Dolphin3) processor family is built on extensive market knowledge accumulated over a decade of Telechips’ leadership in the market and utilises Imagination’s PowerVR Series9XTP graphics core to provide great performance for both 2D and 3D graphics. The technology will be on display at Embedded World 2023 in Nuremberg, Hall 4 Booth 558.

Stanley Kim, VP Worldwide Business, Telechips, says: “With electric vehicles expected to take a significant market share in the next five years, the focus for embedded automotive SoCs is shifting towards high-efficiency and high-performance solutions. This means the place to start the design journey is at the IP level. We chose Imagination for its rich history in market-leading power, performance and area (PPA) for automotive GPU solutions. By integrating PowerVR technology within our Dolphin3 chip we’ve added robust virtualization capabilities on top of efficient graphics.”

The Dolphin3 processor makes use of the Series9XTP’s HyperLane hardware virtualization technology to enable a hypervisor-less cockpit (HLC) solution. This solution manages multi-display and multi-channel camera inputs and handles both the image signal processing sub-systems and the built-in microcontroller systems to support an isolated safety island to ensure functional safety.

Jake Kochnowicz, Senior Director of Product Management, Imagination, says: “It is an exciting time in the automotive industry, as increasing consumer demands on user experience drive innovation at all levels, and companies such as Telechips rise to the challenge with great smart cockpit solutions such as the Dolphin3. As a hypervisor-less solution (HLS), the Dolphin3 makes it possible for manufacturers to deploy different operating systems affordably and securely on a single chip. Imagination’s PowerVR GPU fully complements Telechips’ SoC design, ensuring OEMs can safely run critical tasks by priority, giving them a dynamic edge in a highly competitive market.”

PowerVR Series9XTP, based on Imagination’s renowned tile-based deferred rendering architecture, includes a wider ALU design, visually lossless PVRIC4 image compression, an advanced scalable compute cluster architecture and high-efficiency compression technology including parameter compression and PVRTC™ texture compression. It also offers an enhanced scheduling architecture and dedicated housekeeping processors.

Imagination will be at Embedded World showcasing its latest solutions for embedded systems. In addition to GPU, Imagination will also be exhibiting its Catapult RISC-V CPUs, connectivity and AI accelerator solutions, as part of its heterogeneous approach to chip design. Visit Hall 4 Booth 558.

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