Beyond Neural Networks

Advanced Signal Processing and FFT on Imagination Series4 Neural Network Accelerators.

Rays Your Game

PowerVR Photon is the world’s first mobile-optimised ray tracing architecture. Our in-depth white paper will take you through the challenges in delivering ray tracing in an area and power-efficient manner and explain how Photon has been designed to meet those challenges.

The Road Ahead: The Changing Automotive Landscape

The automotive industry is undergoing a transformation. Read our eBook to learn more about the challenges facing the industry – and how we can help you solve them.

Tensor Tiling

Our white paper, Imagination Tensor Tiling, will help you learn more about this critical bandwidth-saving technology in-depth, and provide insight into how it provides real-world benefits in our IMG Series4 NNA with key neural network models.

Multi-Core Technology

IMG B-Series introduces Decentralised Multi-Core (DC-MC) a loosely-coupled approach to multi-core performance scalability. Download our overview to learn about our multi-core technology.

Download our overview to learn about Multi-Core technology.

IMGIC Technology

The ultimate low-bandwidth GPU IP solution. Download our overview to learn about IMGIC Technology.

Shining a Light on Ray Tracing

PowerVR Ray Tracing is a revolutionary 3D graphics technology that mimics how light behaves in the real world to create visuals with astonishing realism, while also enabling developers and content creators to simplify their workflow.

What's your level?
The six levels of ray tracing acceleration

Download our white paper to learn about the Ray Tracing Levels System.

GPU Virtualization

Download our white paper to find out how our fully-virtualized, automotive-ready PowerVR GPUs enable next generation multi-display and safety-critical computer vision applications.

Hyperlane Technology

A critical feature for automotive GPUs. Download the HyperLane overview to find out how our newest technology can give you the edge.