PowerVR AX2145

PowerVR Neural Network Accelerator

Optimised for cost-sensitive devices

The PowerVR AX2145’s streamlined PowerVR Series2NX architecture delivers performance-efficient neural network inferencing engine for ultra-low bandwidth systems making it the ultimate choice for entry-level and mid-range. Its highly tuned tensor processing and convolution engines combined with an optimised core memory infrastructure can deliver outstanding maximum performance of 1 TOPS, but with a 50% better inference performance per mm2 than the AX2185 in systems with low peak memory bandwidth (as measured in GB/s).
API support
Framework Support
Bus interface
  • AXI4
Memory system
  • Virtual Memory
  • 8-bit: 1 TOPS
  • 16-bit: 0.5 TOPS
MACs per clock rate
  • 8-bit: 512 MACs/clk
  • 16-bit: 256 MACs/clk