Key Features

Smoother images than before

IMG CXM GPUs now support 10-bit RGBA and YUV, delivering an HDR graphical user interface and images with less noticeable banding. More bits per pixel corresponds to improved quality and a more appealing user interface.

GPU of choice for RISC-V

IMG CXM is supported by cutting-edge software that supports the latest API trends, including Vulkan 1.3, and has been optimised for RISC-V as a target application processor. Imagination GPUs are the perfect addition to RISC-V projects and are already shipping on multiple boards available today.

Advanced bandwidth management

TFBCv2 is the new generation of our Tiny Frame Buffer Compression, delivers higher-quality lossy / lossless compression and an additional compression level (37.5%) for improved design flexibility.


High frame rates and engaging immersive experiences across gaming, socialising, exploring and business applications.

Entry level DTV

Smooth graphical user interfaces for 1080p screens that make choosing what show to watch a pleasure.

Set top box

Highly efficient content streaming experiences for screens from 1080p to beyond 4K.

Smart home

Devices to provide comfort and efficiency in the home through streamlining tasks and enhancing convenience.


Ultra small, ultra low power devices, seamlessly integrating technology into daily life for ultimate convenience and connectivity.

Full Features & Specs

Headline features
  • 10bits RGBA / YUV for HDR experiences 
  • Advanced image compression technology 
  • 4xMSAA for smoother image outlines 
  • Fully secure GPU virtualisation with HyperLane 
  • AI Synergy when deployed with an IMG NNA 
  • A GPU of choice for RISC-V projects 
API Support
  • Vulkan 1.3 
  • OpenGL ES 3.x/2.0/1.1 + Extensions 
  • OpenCL 3.0
  • Android NN HAL
OS Support
  • Linux Consumer
  • Linux
  • Android
Bus Interface
  • AXI
  • ACE-Lite
  • TFBCv2 (Tiny Frame Buffer Compression) 
  • 64 FP32 FLOPS/Clock 
  • 128 FP16 FLOPS/Clock 
Pixels per Clock
  • 4ppc

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