Imagination PowerVR SDK wins Design Tool and Development Software Product of the Year

Delivering quality and excellence through market-leading developer tools

London, England – 07th DecemberImagination Technologies is awarded Design Tool and Development Software Product of the Year at the Elektra 2022 Awards for its innovative PowerVR SDK toolkit.

The PowerVR SDK toolkit is a collection of products to help developers deploy and optimise software for PowerVR GPU platforms, found across markets including mobile, consumer, automotive, desktop and data centre. Imagination’s PowerVR GPU IP is an industry-leading graphics processing solution, with a market share of 50% in automotive and 30% mobile applications.

Chris Smith, Vice President of Software Engineering, Imagination, says: “We are honoured to receive the Design Tool and Development Software Product of the Year award for our PowerVR SDK toolkit. Imagination is building a robust software ecosystem with a growing team in the UK and Asia, with the end goal of enabling developers to make the most out of our PowerVR IP, in terms of both efficiency and performance.”

The PowerVR SDK toolkit offers unique optimisation for the development process, allowing programmers to get more performance out of their applications, lower power usage for mobile, and overall enabling them to use a platform that delivers reliability and consistency – greatly contributing to end-customer satisfaction.

It’s the developer toolkit of choice for major companies in mobile and automotive industries, as the PowerVR GPU IP offer some of the best price-performance-area in those segments. The tools unlock an additional layer of efficiency at software level, leveraging decades of expertise and support, with the end goal of developer and, ultimately, customer success.

For more information on the PowerVR SDK and available software support, visit Imagination’s developer portal.

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