Imagination and Andes jointly validate GPU with RISC-V CPU IP

Partnership provides a complete compute solution and demonstrates the flexibility of combined IPs

London, England – 18th January 2022 Imagination Technologies and Andes Technology announce the successful testing and validation of the IMG B-Series Graphics Processing Units (GPU) with the RISC-V compliant Andes AX45, a 64-bit highly performance-efficient and configurable superscalar Central Processing Unit (CPU). This validation partnership offers customers in AR/VR, In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) systems, and Industrial and Internet of Things (IoT) products, a proven and complete solution and lays the groundwork for continuous testing.

The IMG BXE-2-32 GPU was validated alongside the Andes AX45 CPU as a part of a Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) platform, containing networking, memory, and peripherals. The FPGA rendered numerous graphics workloads and benchmarks using a Linux-based operating system. This FPGA demonstrates the flexibility of the IMG B-Series GPU and the interoperability of the Andes AX45 RISC-V CPU.

Colin McKellar, Vice President of Hardware Engineering, Imagination Technologies, says: “RISC-V is a CPU architecture that is going from strength to strength. Our work in validating the B-Series GPU with Andes AX45 RISC-V CPU highlights the flexibility of both platforms. The customisable nature of Imagination’s ecosystem allowed for the rapid prototyping of a fully working system in less than a week, from integration to implementation and on to validation.”

McKellar continues: “Collaborating with Andes highlights the exceptional talent in both organisations. The ease of integration, both of the hardware and our teams, paves the way for a highly beneficial ongoing partnership and shows that there are exciting alternatives to the current CPU incumbents.”

Dr. Charlie Su, President, and CTO of Andes Technology says: “The RISC-V ecosystem is growing rapidly. To continue its growth and showcase the many possible ways it can be deployed, we partnered with Imagination to provide a quick and easy path to validated GPU IP blocks that can reduce SoC design time, risk, and cost for our customers. With a flexibly designed GPU, and our highly configurable dual-issue AX45 RISC-V core, we were able to establish requirements for the system in a short time and generate the optimum configuration to provide a validated proof of concept.”

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