Imagination’s IP solutions will enable you to build world-beating mobile products.

Lead the smartphone revolution

Today, there are over two billion mobile phones shipped annually. Smartphones lead the market, having become massively powerful portable productivity and communication tools. They demand cutting-edge technology and processor, all of which are packaged into a form-factor small enough to be carried in a jacket pocket and powerful enough to meet user needs. Tablets remain a strong and vibrant market, providing a large-screen experience in and out of home that, for many, renders the laptop redundant and powerful tablet processors are essential to make this possible. Imagination’s PowerVR graphics and AI technologies will enable you to build world-beating mobile products that will help your product stand out from the crowd in these highly competitive marketplaces.

Redefine mobile possibilities

Imagination is the architect of the smartphone and tablet revolution. Our mobile graphics technology underpinned the success of iconic products such as the Nokia N95 and seeded the step-change in the smartphone market back in 2007 when the iPhone fundamentally reconceived what a mobile phone should be. When the first tablet launched, it was PowerVR technology that delivered the premium experience that users demanded. As a result, billions of smartphones and tablets harness the innovation we provide, with touchscreens and the associated graphics technology at the heart of the user experience.

The smartphone just got smarter

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the new frontier for mobile technology, with devices that can learn and adapt to users and their environment. Ensuring AI processing and technology is at the core of a product is essential to provide a seamless experience for users. Put simply, the smartphone is about to become even smarter. For this new wave of device, our PowerVR neural network and vision technologies deliver compute performance previously unattainable in smartphone SoCs.

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