Graphics processor technologies are the de-facto standard for mobile and embedded GPUs.

Improving our already industry-leading architecture

The PowerVR Furian GPU architecture is an evolution to the industry-leading PowerVR Rogue graphics architecture. Furian brings about a large number of completely changed blocks for improved performance, power and density. It encompasses the significant improvements made to Rogue architecture throughout its life span.

Designed to meet a wide variety of applications

The PowerVR Furian architecture is designed to maintain and widen the performance/mW gap over competing solutions. It is a scalable architecture designed to meet a wide variety of market segments and applications, over multiple generations of products. It ensures ease of implementation, being specifically designed for ease of layout, including support for new sub-14nm process geometries.

Designed for high performance applications like AR and VR

The Furian architecture is also designed to scale efficiently to the higher performance points required for applications such as AR and VR. It does this in a manner that mitigates performance density issues which are seen in some competing solutions. As process nodes continue to shrink, it is important that the architecture can be efficiently laid out, especially as the design scales to higher performance levels.

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